Brat Loves Judy exclusive: Deja comes to Judy with some eyebrow-raising accusations

Judy's daughter Deja on Brat Loves Judy
Deja shares her feelings with her mom and makes some surprising accusations. Pic credit: WEtv

This week on Brat Loves Judy, it’s time for a sit-down between Judy and Deja so they can clear the air.

The mood is tense as Judy and Deja begin to paint their pottery but that doesn’t stop Judy from bringing up her baby plans with Brat. And while Deja seems uncomfortable with the conversation, it ends abruptly after she shares her hope that everything will go well.

That’s when Judy decided to bring up the birthday party and Deja’s absence, which she didn’t seem very interested in talking about. Instead, Deja told her mom that she didn’t bring it up at the wedding because it was “her day” and she didn’t want to make it about their drama.

Moving right along, Deja hit Judy with some upsetting claims, telling her mom that while she always told Deja she “had no responsibility,” she feels like she had to grow up fast. Then, she went on to tell her mom that “technically” she grew up early and then told Judy that she’s the one who raised her younger brothers.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Judy wasn’t happy to hear that, even telling the cameras in the confessional that she’s going to listen because she loves her child but that Deja’s claims are “far-fetched” and that Deja is the “child that I provided the most for.”

It looks like this mother-daughter duo has a lot to unpack and work out. Make sure to tune in and see how that goes.

Brat Loves Judy airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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