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Blake Shelton posts sweet video about meeting Gwen Stefani at work

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani on The Voice
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton got married in 2021 at his ranch in Oklahoma.

The two met each other when Gwen Stefani was working on The Voice, and when the two divorced their exes, they found love with each other.

This week, Blake took to Instagram and showed his love for Gwen in a sweet and humorous post.

Blake Shelton posts how he met his wife at work

Blake Shelton posted a video and series of photos on Instagram with him and Gwen Stefani.

He wrote, “shows up for work, meets my wife.”

The montage included Blake taking a drink from a cup on The Voice, the two posing while dressed up for The Voice, the two in a coach’s chair on The Voice, the couple at Blake’s ranch and at home, and the two in a wedding photo.

He then captioned it, “THE @gwenstefani.”

This is nothing unusual. Blake often posts photos and videos showing his love for Gwen on Instagram.

This came after Gwen said that Blake was the greatest thing to ever happen to her on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

I love my husband, and I love being married to him,” Gwen said. “It’s just the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Blake Shelton said he met Gwen at the perfect time

Gwen Stefani was on an episode of The Good Dish and said that she and Blake Shelton were both at a low point in their lives when they met each other.

“I think she kept me from going to the absolute bottom,” Blake said. “It was like literally falling off a cliff and a hand reached out and caught me, is what it feels like.”

“When I was going through my divorce and just, you know, hit rock bottom just like anybody does when they go through something that devastating,” he continued. “It’s a miracle that I met somebody that was going through the same exact thing that I was at the same exact moment in time.”

When Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani began working together on The Voice, Gwen was married to Gavin Rossdale from Bush. Blake was married to country music sensation Miranda Lambert.

After their divorces, the two started dating and ended up getting married in 2021.

Blake has also spoken at length about how he has embraced his role as a stepdad to Gwen’s three children.

The Voice is on hiatus. The reality singing competition should return to NBC in late 2022.

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