Blake Shelton says he and Gwen Stefani were at low points when they found each other

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton at the Grammys
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton at the Grammys. Pic credit: ©

When Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani began working together on The Voice, both singers were having problems at home.

Gwen was married to Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale and Blake Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert.

The two ended up striking up a friendship, and eventual relationship that resulted in them getting married in 2021.

On a recent episode of Good Dish (via In Touch Weekly), Blake opened up about where he and Gwen were in their lives when they started dating.

Blake Shelton was at a low point when he met Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton said that when he and Gwen found each other they were both at a low point in their lives.

“I think she kept me from going to the absolute bottom,” Blake said. “It was like literally falling off a cliff and a hand reached out and caught me, is what it feels like.”

The two met in 2014 when Gwen joined The Voice as a coach.

In that year, Gwen had just given birth to her third child, but in 2015 she had filed for divorce from Rossdale.

As for Blake, he married Miranda Lambert in 2011 but in 2015, the two announced their divorce.

When Blake and Gwen met in 2014, they were both watching their marriages deteriorate and one year later both were divorced. In November 2015, Blake and Gwen announced their new relationship.

“When I was going through my divorce and just, you know, hit rock bottom just like anybody does when they go through something that devastating,” Blake said. “It’s a miracle that I met somebody that was going through the same exact thing that I was at the same exact moment in time.”

Blake has taken on his most important role as a stepdad

Blake and Gwen got married at his farm in Oklahoma, with Carson Daly preceding over the ceremony.

With that, Blake became a stepfather to Gwen’s kids, a role that he said is more important than his music career or position on The Voice.

“What I’ve been looking forward to doing for the last four or five years is eyeing that timeline, that part of my career, where I just need to start stripping some things away,” Blake said.

“You gotta get some life in there. Marrying Gwen, I’ve married into a family. She’s got three boys … and all of a sudden, you go, there’s other stuff.”

The Voice is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return to NBC in late 2022.

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