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Blake Moynes’ mom reacts to Aunt Lindsey interrogating her son

Emily wears a white top with a huge collar
Emily Moynes is ready to fight for her son Blake. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation was up in arms while watching Katie’s Aunt Lindsey harshly interrogate Blake Moynes during the heated finale, and they weren’t alone. 

Blake’s mother, Emily Moynes, also had a strong reaction to watching the way Aunt Lindsey treated her son and she took to social media to post about it. 

Emily Moynes faces off with Aunt Lindsey from her TV screen 

Meeting a significant other’s family can often be very intimidating, but Blake’s experience was particularly tough. In their one-on-one conversation, Aunt Lindsey didn’t just grill Blake, she relentlessly chastised and patronized him which many fans found rude and hard to watch. 

Naturally, Emily Moynes appeared to not be feeling this scene with Aunt Lindsey and Blake either and humorously weighed in with a photo of her standing super close to her TV and staring down Aunt Lindsey while she was on the screen during the finale. 

In the photo, Emily stands with her hand on her hips and a tilted head, looking ready to jump in and defend her son. 

She also left an amusing caption on the photo, writing, “Thanksgiving dinner should be fun…” with two laughing emojis and the hashtag #clinkaglass.

Emily continued to react to Aunt Lindsey when she shared a repost of the photo on her story, where a fan praised Emily’s strong energy and called her a queen.

Emily captioned the post by writing, “I think I can take her??” with some muscle emojis. She paired the post with the Rocky theme song which has become signature fighting music. 

Emily Moynes stands close to her TV screen
Emily Moynes gets up close and personal with Aunt Lindsey. Pic credit: @emilymoynes/Instagram

Now that Blake and Katie are engaged, Aunt Lindsey and Emily Moynes may come face to face at one of the future family gatherings, and many fans expressed wanting to be a fly on the wall for the first time Aunt Lindsey and Emily Moynes meet. 

Fortunately, Emily is taking the lighthearted approach to the situation so the women’s first meeting hopefully won’t be too explosive. 

Katie Thurston reacts to Mama Moynes’ post 

Plenty of stars from The Bachelor franchise reacted to Emily’s hilarious post, including Emily’s future daughter-in-law, Katie Thurston.

Upon seeing the snapshot of Emily’s reaction to her aunt, Katie commented with just one word. She simply wrote, ”Dead” with a laughing emoji, clearly entertained by the post. 

Katie Thurston's instagram comment
Katie Thurston responds to Emily’s post. Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram

Katie has acknowledged that her Aunt Lindsey can be tough, intimidating, and even cold, which was certainly on display during the finale, to the point that Aunt Lindsey felt she owed Blake an apology.

Katie also expressed feeling confident that if Blake can survive her Aunt Lindsey, then he can survive the rest of her family. Let’s just hope Emily Moynes and Aunt Lindsey can survive one another now that Blake and Katie are engaged. 

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC.