Katie and Blake reveal what Aunt Lindsey had to say about their engagement

Katie Thurston's Aunt Lindsey sits on a couch outside
Aunt Lindsey shows Blake no mercy on The Bachelorette finale. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation weren’t the only ones to officially learn of Katie and Blake’s engagement during the finale. Katie’s close family also received the news on national television, leaving many curious as to how they would respond, namely Katie’s notorious Aunt Lindsey.

Katie and Blake recently spoke to US Weekly about life after The Bachelorette and how Katie’s family reacted when learning, along with the rest of the world, about Katie and Blake getting engaged. 

Aunt Lindsey wants to apologize to Blake Moynes 

On the explosive episode of ATFR, Katie made the shocking announcement that her family didn’t know she was engaged until the airing of the finale. She withheld this information from them due to fear that they wouldn’t be able to keep her confidential engagement a secret. 

Katie gave an update on her family’s reaction, saying she has already received texts from them after the show. Katie even shared some of the texts from her family group chat on Twitter, including one from her Aunt Lindsey, whose cold interrogation of Blake nearly stole the show on the finale. 

Aunt Lindsey’s text read, “I legit feel like I owe this kid an apology.” In another text, Aunt Lindsey questioned if she messed Blake up so bad that Katie had to take him to an energy healer. 

Another one of Katie’s family members, Sam, suggested Aunt Lindsey has nothing to apologize for in their text that read, “He handled you and still liked Katie afterwards, that’s good. Lol, don’t apologize for being yours. You asked serious questions that needed to be asked. Plus, out of all the guys, he seemed like the one who could handle our family.”

From that family text chain it sounds like Blake is already gaining a tiny bit of approval from Katie’s family.

Katie's family group chat
Katie’s family texts her their thoughts on Blake. Pic credit: @katiethurston/Twitter

Blake shares his thoughts on Aunt Lindsey 

One of the most talked-about moments from the finale was Blake’s exchange with Katie’s no-nonsense aunt. In their conversation, Aunt Lindsey had a rebuttal for every one of Blake’s responses and she made it clear to Blake that their family doesn’t “need” him. 

Viewers found Aunt Lindsey to be extremely harsh as she told Blake he means nothing and warned him that he has to be very secure in order to survive their family. 

In the moment, Blake tried to keep his cool with Aunt Lindsey, but he’s now spoken out about his honest thoughts on their conversation.

Blake told US Weekly, “I can laugh at it now…It was a very intimidating moment. It was hard to navigate it.”

When Katie confessed that she hadn’t told her family about her engagement, many worried that Aunt Lindsey would be very upset and might give Blake an even harder time. However, Blake does not seem to be dreading his next encounter with Aunt Lindsey.

In the interview, Blake shared, “I’m excited to see [Aunt Lindsey], and, you know, have a drink and talk and laugh about it. She just wanted the best for Katie. And so, she went about that in her own way and she didn’t get the answer she wanted clearly, but hopefully, we’re ok now moving forward.” 

Katie expressed feeling confident that Blake will fit in well with her family because if he could survive Aunt Lindsey then he can “get through the rest of my family”. 

It’s not certain when Blake and Katie will have their next reunion with Katie’s family because, for now, the two plan to hop around and figure out what works best for them before planting roots. 

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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