Blake Horstmann defends Cassidy Timbrooks and her friend with benefits after she gets sent home

Blake Horstmann
Blake Horstmann suggests Cassidy Timbrooks was held to a double standard. Pic credit: ABC

On the latest episode of The Bachelor Season 26, Cassidy Timbrooks got sent home for having a friend with benefits and, according to Bachelor Nation star Blake Horstmann, she was robbed. 

Blake Horstmann and his podcast host Erik Bradley offered up their take on the Cassidy situation and came to her defense while critiquing Clayton Echard. 

Blake Horstmann has ‘no issue’ with Cassidy’s friend with benefits 

Speaking on their podcast Behind the Rose, Blake and Erik discussed Cassidy Timbrooks and the ironic double standards within the show. 

The two men expressed feeling that Cassidy didn’t really do anything wrong by having a friend with benefits since that’s not nearly as serious as having a secret relationship back home. 

Erik stated, “If it was completely just a hookup I don’t see the big deal here and she was very open and honest about it.” 

Blake agreed saying, “I understand why Clayton needed to talk to her and why, you know, he was maybe a little upset, but once she was honest and was like, ‘Listen, yeah I slept with a guy over the last few months. It is what it is, but I’m here, I never was in a relationship, I haven’t been in a relationship’ since I think she said like summer of 2019, like ‘you know I am fully single.’ Yeah, there is no issue is here.”

Blake suggested that casual flings are very common amongst the people who go on these shows, stating, “90% of the people on that show and the men on The Bachelorette, listen, they’re good-looking people, young, usually successful if you will…they have flings.”

Blake also called out the double standard of taking issue with Cassidy having one friend with benefits while Clayton gets to date 30 women simultaneously. 

Pointing out the irony, Blake shared, “It’s just not a big deal and it got blown way out of proportion. And the show cracks me up in the lens you watch the show through. Like he’s dating 30 women and you’re okay with that, but this girl had a friend with benefits back home and you’re freaking out about that? So in this situation, I think Cassie’s fine.”

Erik then added, “I think she was robbed here. Because I don’t think she’s really a villain.”

Blake suggests Clayton sent Cassidy home as a power move 

Blake proceeded to critique Clayton’s handling of the situation as he expressed, “I think this, more than anything, was a power move by Clayton. I think it was one of those things where the producers are like listen you gotta show those girls you’re in it for the right reason.”

Speaking on Cassidy, Blake added, “She fell on the sword and it’s bulls**t.”

Blake also offered up his take on how Clayton should have handled the situation and also brought up Clayton’s active dating past that has been called out and questioned by some viewers. 

Blake shared, “I think he overblew it. I think he should have been like ‘Ok it’s fine, let’s move on.’ Clearly from what we’ve heard about Clayton, this man had a couple situationships. He was on a couple rosters. We’ve seen some things come out about this guy and that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong about that.”

Do you agree with Blake’s assessment of how Clayton handled sending Cassidy home?

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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1 year ago

Totally disagree with Blake. I don’t think Clayton cares about the friends with benefits situation. It was that she lied to his face, then went off fake crying, and then finally fesses up a few minutes later. Plus when you play back her original conversation with the girls, it sounded like a lot more than FWB- and while she was in the hotel room at the start of filming. Cassidy’s overall behavior was rude to all involved (although Clayton did see it until airfare) and I’m glad she was booted. Now let’s get Shenae on her way.