Black Ink Crew New York ‘shooting’ was actually a brick through the window, VH1 confirms

Ceaser wants to know who busted up his shop
It turns out that the ‘shooting’ at Black Ink was actually a brick thrown through the window. Pic credit: VH1

On the latest episode of Black Ink Crew, right at the end, viewers were teased with what looked like a shooting at Black Ink. There was a big crash and then glass flew everywhere as the tattoo shop staff and camera crew rushed to safety at the back of the shop.

There was plenty of speculation after the episode as to who might want to shoot up the shop. Given the amount of drama going on with the crew, it could have been a couple of people.

With Alex and Donna threatening revenge on Ceaser, many believed it could be them or someone associated with them. There was also speculation that maybe Sky’s baby daddy was retaliating after two failed attempts to get their son’s contact information.

It turns out that it wasn’t a shooting at all.

In a new sneak peek freshly released by VH1, we can see that the Black Ink Crew “shooting” was actually a brick thrown through the front door of the shop.


Black Ink Crew

In the episode’s sneak peek, we see Ceaser and Teddy discussing who might be responsible for throwing a brick through the window of the shop.

While no one actually witnessed who did it, both of the Black Ink bosses think that the incident is directly related to Alex and Donna.

The brick on Black Ink Crew
Ceaser picks up the brick that came through the shop door on Black Ink Crew. Pic credit: VH1

As we saw on the latest episode, Alex is suffering an injury to the tissue surrounding his spinal cord due to the huge fight he got into with Ceaser and Teddy at Young Bae’s wedding.

Both Alex and Donna are really angry about it and blame Ceaser and Teddy for leaving Alex in pain and unable to work.

Is it possible that Alex, Donna, or both threw a brick through the door at Black Ink?

Ceaser pointed out that the same day the brick sailed through the window, Alex had been talking smack about Black Ink on social media.

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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