Black Ink Crew finale: Loyal Ink is dead, Ryan Henry wants his shop back

Ryan Henry in the confessional on Black Ink Crew Chicago
Ryan Henry has last one surprise up his sleeve before Season 4 of Black Ink Crew Chicago ends. Pic credit: VH1

The Season 4 finale of Black Ink Crew Chicago is finally here and with that, Ryan Henry is about to shock everyone. After an entire season of drama between 9 Mag and Loyal Ink, it looks like Ryan is about to so something absolutely shocking.

In the latest Black Ink Crew Chicago sneak peek, Ryan Henry reveals that the lease on the Loyal Ink building is up and he may have an opportunity to take the building back.

Loyal Ink is occupying the same Chicago loft that 9 Mag was in prior to Ryan’s breakdown. It turns out that the lease was never changed over to reflect the new boss, leaving them vulnerable to a possible takeover.

In the months since Charmaine and her crew took over, apparently, the owner of that building isn’t too happy. With the opportunity to take the building back, Ryan is thinking about owning two Chicago tattoo shops instead of just one. As he puts it, this is business.

In the clip, Ryan is explaining all of this to Phor, who also tattooed out of the shop prior to Ryan leaving. Phor can’t believe what he’s hearing and even tells Ryan as much.

There will be drama, that is a guarantee. In fact, the Loyal Ink crew just might be ready to fight.

That doesn’t stop Ryan from working to take over the lease at Loyal Ink and pronounce that the new tattoo shop is dead.

Will Ryan Henry be taking in the remnants of Loyal Ink or will it turn into an all-out war?

The Season 4 finale of Black Ink Crew Chicago airs on Wednesday, September 19 at 8/7c on VH1. 

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