Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 5: When will the show return to VH1?

We’re at the end of Season 5 of Black Ink Crew Chicago and VH1 is leaving us at somewhat of a cliffhanger. Many viewers want to know just how Ryan Henry plans to takeover his old building — the same one that now houses Loyal Ink. There’s been a lot of drama over the course

Black Ink Crew finale: Loyal Ink is dead, Ryan Henry wants his shop back

The Season 4 finale of Black Ink Crew Chicago is finally here and with that, Ryan Henry is about to shock everyone. After an entire season of drama between 9 Mag and Loyal Ink, it looks like Ryan is about to so something absolutely shocking. In the latest Black Ink Crew Chicago sneak peek, Ryan

Nicki Minaj tattooed by Black Ink Crew: Chicago artists Ryan Henry and Phor

With all the reality shows about tattoo shops and competitions, have you ever considered having a famous artist ink you up? Nicki Minaj has and she chose to get her artwork done by a pair of Black Ink Crew: Chicago artists. Before getting inked, Nicki shared a now-deleted video on Instagram, explaining why she was

Ryan changes 9Mag locks after fight with Van on Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Ryan Henry changes the locks at 9Mag on this week’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago — as he deals with the aftermath of his fist-fight with Van Johnson in last week’s Season 3 premiere. Ryan came to blows with Van at a casino-themed party to celebrate the tattoo shop’s fourth year in business, after Ryan snubbed