Ryan changes 9Mag locks after fight with Van on Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Ryan Henry talking in the 9Mag shop on Black Ink Crew: Chicago
Ryan tells the others his reasons for changing the 9Mag locks on this week’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Ryan Henry changes the locks at 9Mag on this week’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago — as he deals with the aftermath of his fist-fight with Van Johnson in last week’s Season 3 premiere.

Ryan came to blows with Van at a casino-themed party to celebrate the tattoo shop’s fourth year in business, after Ryan snubbed Van in his acknowledgement speech.

You can watch that drama unfold again in the clip below.

Ryan says Van has been acting too big for his boots after challenging his leadership, and wants to assert himself to show his employees that the store is his and nobody else’s.

Queue the clip from this week’s episode below, which shows a locksmith at the shop as Ryan gets the locks changed so nobody else has a key.

He tells producers: “The way I first started the business with everyone having a key, it allows everyone to feel like ‘you know I can do what the f*** I want to do in here because I’m a boss too — I got a key’.

“I changed the locks because I’m done with everyone feeling like they own my shop.”

Back in the store he tells the others: “We need to start having some order in this s***.”

JR Diaz approves of the changes, saying: “At the end of the day it is his business. Everybody else in the shop needs to know that there’s a hierarchy in here, and Van needs to realise ‘this ain’t your f***ing business homie’.”

However, Charmaine says the drastic change and the way Ryan’s acting is pushing her “over the edge”.

But when she challenges Ryan over his decision saying he’s taking things too far, he lays down the law telling her assertively: “I’ve got to do s*** to make the business right and which I should have did in the beginning.

“That’s my fault. I’m doing it now. Sorry.”

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1.

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