Black Ink Crew: Chicago drama ignites when 9Mag clashes with Loyal Ink in Jamaica

Phor in Jamaica on Black Ink Crew: Chicago
Phor has a big show in Jamaica but when Loyal Ink shows up, things will get out of hand

Phor and Ryan reconnected last week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago when they were in Los Angeles and had a life-changing encounter with Nicki Minaj.  Phor is blowing up and has a big performance in Jamaica but hanging out with 9Mag is about to cause quite a few problems for the Loyal Ink crew, who see Ryan and company as the enemy now.

Last week we saw Phor and Ryan head to Los Angeles. While Phor was feeling bad about the trip at first, a chance encounter with Nicki Minaj changed all of that pretty fast.

We got to see Ryan tattoo Nicki Minaj but Phor was able to do some networking too.  He was already working with London on da Track and had that connection with Nicki.

This week, Phor has a big show in Jamaica so Ryan brings 9Mag along to support him. The problem is, Phor is still supposedly a part of Loyal Ink so they decide to surprise him and show up unannounced.

When the Loyal Ink crew realizes that not only were they not invited to Jamaica but that Phor brought Ryan and 9Mag, his loyalty will be questioned. Even worse though, is that a huge fight erupts between the two groups of tattoo artists.

It was already awkward when Charmaigne, Van and the rest of the Loyal Ink crew realized that Phor didn’t invite them because he was with Ryan and 9Mag. Things got even worse when Junior started to taunt them and poured out a beer for Loyal Ink.

With this latest Black Ink Crew: Chicago drama, it really looks like the beef with Ryan Henry and Loyal Ink may never be resolved.  Phor won’t be able to go back and forth between the two groups any longer.

Will Phor even get to choose a side or will his affiliation with 9Mag mean that Loyal Ink doesn’t want him around? What will his little brother Don think?

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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