Ryan Henry freaks out and smashes door after pool prank on Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Ryan Henry and a smashed door on Black Ink Crew: Chicago
Ryan Henry and, inset, the door he smashes on this week’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Ryan Henry totally flips out on this week’s episode — after he gets pushed in a swimming pool by employee Lily with both his phones in his pocket and a cast on his arm.

The prank-gone-wrong comes as 9Mag tattoo studio owner Ryan and his staff are just starting to get on well during a couples trip to Mexico. Lily sneaks up behind him as he is kneeling by the edge of the pool and knocks him in using her knee.

But Ryan doesn’t see the funny side when he struggles to get out due to the plaster cast on his injured arm — which he is not allowed to get wet — and the fact his phones are now near-certain ruined.

He freaks out as he walks away from the pool area, smashing a glass as he goes. Everyone then tries to explain to Lily why you can’t push someone in a pool with a cast on, but she doesn’t seem to get it, concentrating only on the fact he had his phones in his pocket.

Despite the others’ protests, Ryan then storms out of the villa, saying he is done with the trip and smashing the glass on the front door as he goes. Bet Lily wishes she’d thought twice about her “joke” now!

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1.

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