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Rachel Leigh on Black Ink Crew Chicago: Ryan Henry brings back baby mama, announces big changes for 9Mag tattoo shop

Rachel Leigh and Ryan Henry on Black Ink Crew: Chicago
Rachel Leigh and Ryan Henry are back together on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Pic credit: VH1

Rachel Leigh finally showed up for Season 5 of Black Ink Crew: Chicago on the most recent episode and other than Ryan Henry, no one was happy about it.

Ryan threw a party where he made several announcements about the future of 9Mag and his own future, including the return of Rachel and the news sent some of the employees into a tailspin.

There were quite a few rumors prior to the latest Black Ink Crew: Chicago episode about the future of 9Mag. As viewers know, the season started out with Ryan taking his shop back but what everyone didn’t know is that he had even more plans.

Ryan Henry shares plans for 9Mag tattoo shop expansion

While some thought he might shut down the old shop and move it, it turns out that Ryan Henry made a few moves to open up another 9Mag location and expand his business.

Then, at the party he threw, Henry surprised the staff with an announcement that he was handing over the reins of the old shop and he would work at the new one.

To the shock of Don, Charmaine, and a few other 9Mag staffers, Ryan handed over the top spot in the original shop to Van. Of course, Van was thrilled and said he’d never cover up his 9Mag tattoo.

For those wondering if they might see the new 9Mag tattoo shop on the next season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, it looks like that is a no.

Instead, Ryan said that both shops will be run differently and that there would be no cameras inside his new location. He also shared that the new 9Mag tattoo shop would have a whole new staff.

Rachel Leigh returns to Black Ink Crew: Chicago

When it comes to Rachel Leigh, Black Ink Crew: Chicago viewers had an idea that she would be returning as it was teased all season. Finally, in the most recent episode, she made her return.

Ryan Henry called his baby mama up on the stage during the 9Mag party to announce her return. The two aren’t getting back together but Ryan wants to do a better job of co-parenting and he really wants to spend more time with their son.

With Season 5 of Black Ink Crew: Chicago coming to an end, it looks like there really are some huge changes coming for Ryan Henry and 9Mag.

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