Big Brother spoilers: Live feed chats hint at shifting target

Cirie Fields playing Big Brother
Cirie Fields may be trying to play Big Brother too hard. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 continues to provide chaos for fans watching the live feeds.

Reilly Smedley got evicted on a 12-0 vote on August 17, making it look like she had no shot.

But for nearly a week, members of the BB25 cast were pushing hard to save her. This led to a disconnect between what fans saw on the feeds and what happened during the vote.

Reilly did a new Big Brother exit interview and spoke about telling her closest allies to vote against her. That was why she ended up with zero votes of support.

Now, the Big Brother live feeds have revealed additional chaos as the houseguests try to determine who goes home next.

Will the drama on the feeds lead to real action? Let’s take a look at what is happening.

Big Brother live feeds: Could Hisam be saved?

A backdoor plan to evict Hisam Goueli was created last week.

When Felicia Cannon won the HOH Competition, she began enacting that plan.

And when Jag Bains won the Power of Veto, Hisam became the primary target.

But it would be too easy to go with the primary plan, and many discussions about shifting the target are taking place.

The trio of Felicia, Cirie Fields, and Izzy Gleicher spun out of control this weekend. They began discussing different backdoor options, with quite a bit of footage now available for future episodes.

America Lopez, Red Utley, Mecole Hayes, Matt Klotz, and Bowie Jane were mentioned as new possible targets.

And Hisam has been pushing hard for Matt to become the replacement nominee when Jag steps off the block.

Below is a clip of highlights from the Big Brother live feeds, showing the trio discussing possible plans for the Veto Meeting.

It leads to an intriguing question: Is Cory Wurtenberger the voice of reason on Big Brother 25?

Chaos ahead of Week 4 on Big Brother 25

Jag is saving himself from the block at an August 21 Veto Meeting. Felicia will then name a replacement nominee.

Cameron has much support in the house, with members of each alliance wanting to play with him.

If Hisam becomes the replacement nominee, he is getting evicted on August 24. He is too much of a target to survive the block.

But chaos is ahead if Hisam is on the block next to Cameron. He isn’t the type of person to go quietly.

Julie Chen Moonves revealed that the Big Brother Pressure Cooker returns Thursday night. Having a tense house ahead of that challenge could make it even more exciting to watch on the live feeds.

Paranoia in the Pressure Cooker would be great for TV.

Rumors about a Big Brother Battle Back are addressed here. And Reilly Smedley revealed her final two plans in a new interview.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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