Big Brother Battle Back rumors addressed

Kirsten BB25 Photo
Kirsten Elwin was evicted in Week 1 of Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

A Big Brother Battle Back has been discussed on the live feeds and social media.

People who have been evicted get a second chance at the game in a Battle Back Competition.

Several houseguests, including Matt Klotz, are convinced Kirsten Elwin and Reilly Smedley will get another shot.

Kirsten and Reilly were the first two people evicted on Big Brother 25.

Luke Valentine falls under a different category, as he was expelled from the game due to what he did.

Luke recently blamed his expulsion on sleepiness and malnutrition during an exit interview.

Will there be a Battle Back on Big Brother 25?

Kirsten and Reilly are done with Big Brother 25.

If a Battle Back Competition takes place, it won’t involve the evicted ladies.

Host Julie Chen Moonves already revealed the twist about Cirie Fields and Jared Fields, meaning Kirsten and Reilly will not return to the house.

The ladies will be back on stage for the season finale in November but are not competing again this summer.

It’s still possible that some form of a Battle Back could take place with houseguests evicted in the future.

Julie did state that the Big Brother Pressure Cooker returns with a twist, so maybe the person evicted on August 24 will get a shot to play and re-enter the house.

The producers could also wait until later in the season and do a Jury Battle Back. That would involve allowing the first four or five jury members to compete in a challenge to rejoin the BB25 cast.

At this time, nothing official has been announced. What has become clear, though, is that the first three people removed from the Big Brother house are not playing the game again.

More news from Big Brother 25

Much has happened in the house following Reilly’s eviction.

Here are the latest BB25 spoilers, including what happened at the Week 3 Veto Competition.

And Felicia Cannon revealed some trouble at home during a conversation on the live feeds.

Felicia hinted that her husband was not pleased with her playing Big Brother this summer.

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Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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