Big Brother Safety Competition results: Safety Suite opened for Week 3

Big Brother Safety Suite
The Big Brother 22 Safety Suite opened up again on August 21. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother Safety Competition results for Week 3 aren’t likely to be as important as they were in previous weeks.

During Week 1, Kaysar Ridha won safety and protected Janelle Pierzina. It kept them off the block and safe while Cody Calafiore was the Head of Household.

Then, in Week 2, Christmas Abbott won safety and protected Ian Terry. HOH Memphis Garrett had wanted to target Ian, but couldn’t when he acquired safety.

With Tyler Crispen as the new Head of Household, he already has an idea in mind for the Nomination Ceremony. And it doesn’t require the Safety Competition results for fans to figure out that plan.

Who won the Big Brother Safety Competition in Week 3?

Enzo Palumbo won the Safety Suite for Week 3. He then chose Christmas Abbott to be his plus one. This makes Enzo and Christmas safe for the week, but they were never really in any danger with Tyler as the HOH.

Immediately following the Safety Competition, there was a bit of drama seen on the Big Brother live feeds, with Da’Vonne Rogers saying some things that got Enzo and Tyler a bit worried.

Tyler made a threat that he could end up putting Da’Vonne on the block if she didn’t calm down a bit, but would he really follow through with that based on the plans he already had in place?

He may chat about that with his new alliance.

What’s next for Big Brother All-Stars cast?

Later on Friday, the BB22 cast will take part in the Eviction Ceremony, where Tyler Crispen will nominate two people for eviction.

On Saturday, six people will then play for the Power of Veto. Tyler, the two nominees, and three additional houseguests will play in the Veto Competition.

It seems very likely that Janelle Pierizina and Kaysar Ridha are in trouble this week and they could both end up on the block.

The main target for most of the house is Janelle. The only real way for her to save herself is to win the Power of Veto and come off the block. That would be bad news for Kaysar though.

Stay tuned folks, because there is a lot that could happen over the weekend when it comes to the Big Brother live feeds, especially if Janelle starts to feel desperate heading into the Veto Competition.

And what happens if someone comes off the block? Who is Tyler going to go with as a Week 3 pawn?

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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