Big Brother news: Swaggy C really mad interviewer Lauren Zima may have spoiled Bayleigh secret

Bayleigh Dayton Was Evicted From BB22
Bayleigh Dayton was evicted from Big Brother All-Stars 2 this week. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 20 cast member Swaggy C is really upset with ET interviewer Lauren Zima for possibly spoiling the secret of Bayleigh Dayton’s present. Swaggy C had planned out a big surprise for his wife if she got evicted before jury.

As we previously reported, Swaggy C bought Bayleigh a Telsa to surprise her with once she returned home from the Big Brother house. He even shared a video on social media where he made the purchase.

At issue is Swaggy C’s belief that Lauren spoiled the surprise by telling Bayleigh about the Tesla during her post-show interview. We haven’t seen footage of that taking place and it isn’t in the interview that is currently online.

It’s possible that a clip where she mentioned the Tesla has been cut from the footage or that she told Bayleigh when the cameras were turned off, but we cannot confirm or refute that information at this time.

What we do know is that Swaggy C is really upset and he has been posting a lot about it on social media.

Below is the video that Entertainment Tonight has online with Lauren Zima interviewing Bayleigh Dayton:

Swaggy C goes after Lauren Zima on Twitter

Shared below are some of the posts that Swaggy C (real name Chris Williams) has made since the interview was released.

In his original post, Swaggy C wrote, “You’re a f**king clown for telling Bayleigh in her interview that I bought a Tesla as a surprise gift for her. You’re a disgrace. Sleezy ass reporter. There’s gonna be a surprise for you one day, and when someone ruins it for you .. remember this. Clown. @laurenzima #BB22.”

Later, he would post, “10 interviews, 10 different reporters and not a single reporter ruined the surprise… they stuck to BB. All were full of class and didn’t say a word. You wanted to clout-chase and be an a**hole. It’s cool. You’ll have a moment in the future ruined by someone. @laurenzima. #BB22.”

Swaggy C Twitter
Swaggy C is mad at Lauren Zima. Pic credit: @SwaggyCTV/Twitter

Who is Lauren Zima?

Big Brother fans know Swaggy C from Season 20 of the reality competition show. He met Bayleigh Dayton that summer, asked her to be his wife, and the couple has gotten married.

As for Lauren Zima, she is better known in the world of The Bachelor, as she is dating host Chris Harrison. She does a lot of interviews that correlate with the reality shows on TV and she happened to be the person asking Bayleigh questions after the latest eviction.

Bayleigh touched on some big topics during interview

During the interview shared above, Bayleigh touched on some important topics. One of them was how Christmas Abbott said she feared she would be “shot” and “cut” by Bayleigh if she nominated her. Video footage of that had Big Brother fans really upset.

Bayleigh also addressed the huge fight between herself, Christmas, and Da’Vonne Rogers that played out on the live feeds. In this calm setting, Bayleigh was able to explain why she was so frustrated by how Christmas was speaking and acting toward her.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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3 years ago

Who the hell cares about this?! Bailey screwed a guy she knew 10 days on live feeds camera, got pregnant and had a supposed miscarriage in jury. All star? Pfft…. ALL TRASH