Big Brother fans are begging Julie Chen Moonves to reveal the Celebrity Big Brother cast

Big Brother Returns
A new season of Celebrity Big Brother is about to take the attention of Big Brother fans for the rest of Winter 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother fans are inundating the Twitter account of Julie Chen Moonves for information about the Celebrity Big Brother cast.

CBS decided to bring back Big Brother: Celebrity Edition for Winter 2022, and with the season premiere date coming up quickly, it looks like fans of the show are desperate for any information.

The Celebrity Big Brother start date is February 2, showing how close we are to a new season of the show getting started.

When Julie made a post on Twitter late Monday about following CBS, it led to a lot of Big Brother fans begging for her to release the names of the Celebrity Big Brother cast.

Big Brother fans demand answers from Julie Chen Moonves

Below are just some of the posts that Big Brother fans made in response to something that Julie Chen Moonves posted on Twitter.

“That’s nice and all but where’s the cast Julie,” one fan posted on Twitter.

“Please tell us that the cast & house tour of Celebrity Big Brother 3 is this week!” another Big Brother fan wrote on Twitter.

“Julie when this cast dropping we are deprived girl,” wrote another Twitter user.

There were also a few Big Brother fans who were trying to be supportive of Julie.

“Don’t say not one word about the cast and don’t let these hooligans push you into a corner sister, you need to stay strong! The most you can show us is the house but save the cast until premiere night,” wrote one Big Brother fan who appears to want to be surprised on premiere night.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 packed with episodes in February

The month of February is going to be packed with new episodes of Celebrity Big Brother. Once that BB Celeb start date arrives on February 2, it’s off to the races with new episodes for most of the month.

The intent of bringing back Celebrity Big Brother was to have the show compete against the 2022 Winter Olympics over on NBC, and that’s just what the show is going to do during a lot of primetime slots at CBS.

There have been some celebrities who said they are not appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, but, for the most part, the cast list has been kept under wraps as everyone gets tested and sequestered.

One thing we know for sure is that a major change was made to the inside of the Big Brother house that is going to be a big surprise for live feed subscribers who have been watching the show for years.

For now, though, everyone will have to be patient about the list of celebrities that will be playing Big Brother this winter. Soon enough, CBS will let us all know who has taken on the challenge this season, and then we can all start debating about who has the best chance to win Celebrity Big Brother 3.

Ahead of the season getting started, here is a look at who Big Brother fans should expect as the type of celebrity playing the game this time around.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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