Big Brother All-Star Christmas Abbott turns 40, gets love note from Memphis Garrett for birthday

Christmas And Memphis Morning
Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are getting married in 2022. Pic credit: Memphis Garrett/YouTube

Christmas Abbott from Big Brother 19 and Big Brother All-Stars 2 celebrates a big birthday today.

On December 20, Christmas turns 40 years old, and her fiance, Memphis Garrett, is already helping her to celebrate.

This past summer, Christmas and Memphis got engaged to be married. They met as members of the Big Brother 22 cast, and the rest is history.

Recently, the Big Brother couple even teased their upcoming wedding date.

Christmas Abbott celebrates her 40th birthday

“This is 40! I am the happier now than ever before in my life. These men, my family, my closest (and few) friends are my world. I thank GOD every morning, night and in between that I have had the hard times to build me to this time of love and grace,” Christmas posted on her Instagram page with pictures of herself, Memphis, and their kids.

“Was it hard as hell to get to 40? You bet ya and there were too many times I didn’t think I was going to make it. But here it is, 40 and FABULOUS! Cheers to 40 and all the love it has!” Christmas finished up her post by writing.

Memphis Garrett pens a love note to Christmas Abbott

Earlier on her birthday, Memphis wrote a beautiful note to Christmas in an Instagram post on his own page.

“Happy birthday to my amazing fiancé @christmasabbott Every day you amaze me. The love you show and the happiness you spread. You are one bad ass woman. Thank you for being you. I can’t wait to marry you. #final2forever,” Memphis captioned a photo of his soon-to-be wife with her son.

Big Brother returns with celebrities in Winter 2022

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition returns this winter, with CBS ordering a new season of the reality competition show.

The new season gets started on February 2, but this version of Big Brother is much shorter than in the summer. The celebrities play out a quick season that takes place in about a month of time.

As a bonus, a Big Brother Super Bowl episode is going to take place this winter, giving Big Brother fans something fun to watch on that big day.

The names on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast will likely be released during the month of January and then fans can start debating about who has the best chance to win the season.

Here is a recap of who won the first two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother for anyone that needs their memory refreshed.

Celebrity Big Brother debuts February 2 on CBS.

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2 years ago

Two of the best ever. Christmas was awesome when she destroyed davonne and bayleigh in every challenge and shut down their delusional anti white “victim card” racist literally bloody mouth foaming temper tantrums! Love it!!