Big Brother 26 begins casting process

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Julie Chen Moonves is almost done hosting Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Work on the Big Brother 26 cast has begun.

Even before the season premiere of Big Brother 25, producers have begun work on the next season.

An announcement has been made on the primary casting page for the show

“Big Brother is now accepting applications for season 26!” the page reads in large text.

Further down, in bold capital letters, it reads that “casting is now open.”

This is great news for the future of the show.

When will Big Brother 26 air on CBS?

After Big Brother 25 got postponed by CBS, several rumors surfaced about the show.

It has been suggested that work on another season of Big Brother is being done for this winter.

But it stands to reason that the network would go with Celebrity Big Brother during the winter months.

Since CBS has such a packed lineup of scripted shows, the BB26 cast will probably play during the summer of 2024.

But if the ongoing Writers Strike and pending SAG strike last too long, then plans could change.

For now, it is exciting enough that work has already begun on a future season of the show.

Big Brother 25 is on the way

While it’s exciting to talk about BB26, the BB25 season still has to happen.

The start date hits on August 2, with that Wednesday night marking the late beginning of the new season.

The cast list has not been revealed, but fans should expect to see one around the end of July.

Since the BB25 season got postponed, there could be a problem with the CBS fall schedule.

New Survivor and The Amazing Race seasons are slated to air on Wednesday nights. That’s the same night CBS advertised for BB25. Something will have to shift.

To prepare for the new season of Survivor, here is a look at the Season 45 tribes. The season has already completed filming in Fiji.

More Big Brother news

There has been a lot of relationship news coming from Big Brother alums.

BB23 winner Xavier Prather recently got engaged. On the show, he was a member of the Cookout Alliance that made it to the end of the Summer 2021 season.

There was also great news from a BB21 alum, with Tommy Bracco announcing his engagement.

But while those guys wait for their big days, BB18 alum Corey Brooks revealed his wedding date. Corey and his partner will be celebrating this summer.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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