Survivor 45 cast: Tribes revealed for the new season

Jeff Probst Survivor Host
Producer and host Jeff Probst is ready to celebrate Survivor 50. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 45 cast information has been coming out recently.

And now the tribes have been revealed.

This new season of Survivor will debut in the fall, with CBS giving the producers extra room to work with.

Survivor episodes will now be 90 minutes long, followed by 90-minute episodes of The Amazing Race on the same night.

As with recent seasons from the “new era” of Survivor, this season features the castaways battling for 26 days.

The 39-day seasons have been officially retired, with host Jeff Probst and the other producers content with the new format.

A look at the Survivor 45 tribes

Below is a breakdown of the tribes for Survivor 45.

According to Inside Survivor, the show stuck with three tribes of six players each.

Inside Survivor is also the site that broke the news about the leaked castaway list.

Bruce Perreault — who was also on the Survivor 44 cast — was invited back for a second chance.

The rest of the castaways are brand new, possibly disadvantaging Bruce.

  • Brando Meyer – A 22-year-old software developer from Seattle, WA.
  • Bruce Perreault – A 46-year-old insurance agent and Navy veteran from Warwick, RI.
  • Jake O’Kane – A 26-year-old law school grad from Hanson, MA.
  • Katurah Topps – A 34-year-old civil rights lawyer from New York, NY.
  • Kellie Nalbandian – A 29-year-old nurse from New York, NY.
  • Kendra McQuarrie – A 30-year-old bartender from Salem, MA.
  • Austin Li Coon – A 26-year-old business student from Chicago, IL.
  • Drew Basile – A 22-year-old grad student from Birmingham, MI.
  • Nicholas “Niko” Alsup – A 30-year-old martial arts instructor from O’Fallon, IL.
  • Dianelys “Dee” Valladares – A 26-year-old in sales development from Miami, FL.
  • J. Maya – A 23-year-old singer and songwriter from the Bay Area, CA.
  • Julie Alley – A 49-year-old associate attorney from Nashville, TN.
  • Brandon Donlon – A 25-year-old content producer from Philadephia, PA.
  • Kaleb Gebrewold – A 28-year-old sales and marketing coach from Port Coquitlam, BC.
  • Sean Edwards – A 34-year-old school principal from Provo, UT.
  • Emily Flippen – A 28-year-old financial analyst from Washington, DC.
  • Hannah Rose – A 32-year-old counselor from Baltimore, MD.
  • Sabiyah Broderick – A 27-year-old truck driver and USMC veteran from Decatur, GA.

More reality TV News

To get fans excited for the new season, a full Survivor 45 teaser trailer was released. It looks at the 18 castaways while in Fiji, and they each get to speak a bit.

Casting has also begun for future seasons of Survivor. This shows how confident the producers and CBS are about the show sticking around.

The confidence comes from Survivor being the top-rated reality TV show of the past year.

CBS also has a new season of Big Brother debuting this summer. The BB25 cast is reportedly going to be a group of all-new houseguests.

Until Jeff Probst welcomes everyone to Survivor 45, fans can spend the hiatus streaming past seasons of the show. They are available for viewing on Paramount+.

Survivor 45 will air in the fall of 2023 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Mj Berry
Mj Berry
1 year ago

I am looking forward this show. But why do we have to wait so long??