Big Brother 25 will be the longest season in history

Julie Chen Big Brother 23
Big Brother fans may get to see more of Julie Chen Moonves this winter. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother fans are in for a treat this season.

It has been confirmed that the Big Brother 25 cast will play the game for longer than any previous season.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the new season was extended by CBS.

The network made that move to account for a lack of fall programming.

The ongoing Hollywood strikes have caused a halt in production for CBS shows like NCIS.

But the bad news for scripted dramas could be a blessing for Big Brother fans who want more content.

How long is the Big Brother 25 season?

The Big Brother 25 season premiere airs on Wednesday, August 2.

And it was revealed that the Big Brother 25 season finale is on Thursday, November 9.

Breaking it down, that is a 100-day Big Brother season.

To put that number in perspective, BB24 was 82 days, and BB23 was 85 days.

The remarkable BB10 season was only 71 days, and BB13 was just 75 days.

As for the longest previous seasons, BB18, BB20, and BB21 were each 99 days long.

Introducing an even longer season means more episodes, possibly more drama, and the potential of someone returning to the game from the BB25 jury.

Sharon Tharp tweet about BB25
A confirmation on the length of Big Brother 25. Pic credit: @sharontharp/Twitter

More details about Big Brother 25

An early look at the Big Brother house for this summer was given, allowing fans to see the new theme.

It has led to many guesses from fans about how the season will progress.

The one-hour anniversary celebration didn’t provide much information about this summer. What it did do was tease fans about looking harder for clues.

CBS did reveal the BB25 episode schedule, with some big changes arriving in the fall.

The network has plans to air seasons of Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and Survivor simultaneously.

A new season of The Challenge: USA also begins this summer.

This time, nine Big Brother alums appear on The Challenge: USA, with a showmance already getting advertised.

That’s in addition to CBS debuting its new show Superfan on Wednesday, August 9.

Need another tease about the Big Brother 2023 season? Julie’s latest social media post will do just that.

Episodes from the new season will stream on Paramount+.

The streaming service also has past seasons available to watch during the downtime.

Live feeds also return this summer, with subscribers getting a look behind the scenes.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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