Big Brother 25 house tour teased, hints at theme revealed

Julie Chen White Dress
Big Brother 25 is hosted by Julie Chen Moonves this summer. Pic credit: © Callahan/AcePictures

The Big Brother 25 house made a guest appearance during the 25th-anniversary show.

Host Julie Chen Moonves and the producers had hinted that the BB25 theme would be teased on Wednesday night.

But the segment during the one-hour event was really short, with just a few brief glimpses inside the rebuilt house.

The BB25 cast gets to enjoy a new space and a new look this summer. And fans got their first look.

So what is the Big Brother 2023 theme? That’s still unclear, but there are some possible guesses.

Fans need a full Big Brother 25 house tour from host Julie Chen Moonves.

Julie did reveal the BB25 logo, which has hints about the theme in it as well.

A look inside the Big Brother 25 house

The living room and an upstairs gaming room were shown during the special.

Are those stars on the wall of the upstairs room?

An extensive view of the BB25 house is shared in the tweet below, showing the nomination chairs and a big 25 emblem on the wall.

Looking up at the second floor, some portals have a Star Wars feel. Are the producers tipping their hat to a spaceship feel?

And many viewers noticed the telescope on a table in the living room. Is this another hint that a space theme could be part of this summer?

While Julie was being interviewed during the special, she also had what appeared to be a space suit in the background.

Going with a space theme would allow the season to go in many different directions with challenges and twists.

With all the build-up for the anniversary show, it also seemed like more information about the season would get released. It wasn’t.

More news about Big Brother

A more extensive house tour will come out before the season begins, but it’s also nearly time to reveal the Big Brother 25 cast.

The release date for the BB25 cast is coming up quickly, and then the season premiere airs on Wednesday, August 2.

CBS has also released the early BB25 episode schedule for this summer.

Expect the live feeds to return, with Paramount+ providing additional access to subscribers. The streaming service will also give fans another way to watch episodes.

For fans who want even more content, a new season of The Challenge: USA is coming to CBS.

Nine Big Brother alums are playing The Challenge this time, and new episodes begin airing on August 10.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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