Big Brother 25 spoilers: Week 9 eviction nominees revealed

Week 9 has begun for the Big Brother 25 cast.

Jared Fields got sent home after a fake Double Eviction and a non-Scary Week,

The cast returned to playing the game later that night, which included a new HOH Competition.

Cameron Hardin is the new HOH, making it the third time he has held the power.

By becoming HOH, Cameron has guaranteed himself (at least) a spot on the BB25 jury.

But one more person has to be sent home before the jury phase begins.

Preparing for the Big Brother nominations

Cameron held meetings with the rest of the BB25 cast on Friday (September 29).

His plan was slowly revealed. So was his allegiance to the alliance with Matt Klotz and Jag Bains.

Matt, Jag, Bowie Jane, and Blue Kim are likely safe for the week.

Everyone else is at risk, but some people are more in danger than others.

Knowing she was in danger, Felicia Cannon tried to make a deal with Cameron. It didn’t work. He doesn’t trust her.

Blue spoke to Jared through the feeds about how she would approach the rest of the game.

Who did Cameron nominate for eviction?

Cameron nominated Mecole Hayes and Felicia Cannon.

Felicia has remained on Cameron’s radar, and he felt it was time for Mecole to experience the block.

The ladies have a chance to acquire safety at the Veto Competition.

The BB25 cast plays for the Power of Veto on Saturday (September 30). And the Veto Meeting is scheduled for Monday (October 2).

Much scrambling is expected this week, as it is the final eviction before the jury phase begins. Making it to the BB25 jury means getting paid to play the game longer.

The jury will give a $750,000 prize to the Big Brother 25 winner in November.

Jared Fields has been doing exit interviews and will be heading home.

Jared will also likely be on social media soon.

Hisam Goueli celebrated Jared’s elimination, shading his fellow BB25 houseguest on Instagram.

More to come from Big Brother 2023

Wednesday episodes are done for Big Brother 25. CBS shifted the schedule to make room for Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Here is the updated October schedule for Big Brother 25. It includes an extended episode coming up soon.

Previous episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+.

And for fans who want more, some Big Brother legends are on The Traitors 2 cast. A new season of that reality competition show is currently filming.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Beverly Bennington
Beverly Bennington
9 months ago

Hate this season