Hisam Goueli shades Jared Fields after Big Brother eviction

Hisam BB25
Hisam Goueli was an early HOH on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 25 sent Jared Fields home for a second time, and one person who enjoyed it was Hisam Goueli.

Hisam was also a member of the BB25 cast, even though (hyperbole warning) years have passed since he was evicted.

Twists and turns have led to very few eliminations since Hisam was sent home to end Week 3.

For perspective, Hisam got evicted on Day 23 and finished in 14th place. Jared was then sent home on Day 58 in 11th place.

Looking back, if Hisam and Jared had stuck together with The Professors, maybe they would still be playing.

Now, Hisam is finding enjoyment in Jared going home.

Hisam posts about Jared’s eviction day on social media

“HAPPY JARRD EVICTION DAY!” Hisam wrote in all capital letters.

Yes, he was so excited that he spelled Jared’s name wrong.

Some Big Brother fans celebrate Jared Eviction Day

Hisam wasn’t the only Big Brother fan excited about Jared being eliminated.

The celebrations began when he was first evicted.

And some fans are excited to see what Cirie Fields can do without worrying about her son.

Cameron Hardin has also earned more Big Brother fans by getting Jared out. Many fans are still torn about Cameron, but he keeps winning challenges.

Hisam and Jared each got sent home before the BB25 jury phase.

It means more reactions will come from them as the season progresses.

They will also rejoin the BB25 cast on finale night, where they get to share their thoughts on the season.

More from Big Brother

For fans who want to jump ahead, a new HOH is in power after Scary Week ended.

That person has the power to reshape the game following a fake Double Eviction and an uneventful Scary Week.

Back in the real world, Jared Fields has been giving exit interviews. He spoke about regrets in the game, choices that impacted his mom, and his relationship with Blue Kim.

Elsewhere, the official cast list for The Traitors 2 is out. It features many people from reality television, including former Big Brother and Survivor players. People from The Challenge and The Bachelor are also playing in Season 2.

Dates and times on the Big Brother 25 schedule have shifted.

CBS brought back Survivor and The Amazing Race, so Wednesday nights had to be altered.

Here is the updated BB25 episode schedule for October.

Previous episodes from BB25 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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