Blue Kim sends Jared Fields a message through Big Brother feeds

Blue Kim on BB25
Blue Kim is a member of the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 25 cast has moved on without Jared Fields.

Jared got eliminated when Cameron Hardin won the Battle Back Competition.

During his time in the game, Jared was involved in a showmance with Blue Kim.

Though Blue and Jared had struggles, the couple may try a relationship in the real world.

Jared has spoken about Blue in his exit interviews, touching on how close they got in the house.

And Blue has taken the time to address Jared through the Big Brother live feed cameras.

Blue speaks to the cameras in Big Brother house

Blue spoke to Jared through the live feed cameras during some time to herself late Thursday night (September 28).

Part of the video message that Blue has for Jared is shared below.

“I really wonder how you’re doing. I know you’re doing okay,” Blue says while fighting back tears.

Blue then speaks about being “fine” and how she “will take care” of the people she promised to watch out for.

Blue also talks about making sure she goes far in the game.

The footage comes from the early morning hours on Friday (September 29).

Blue may last longer in the game without Jared there. Much like some Big Brother fans feel Cirie Fields is in a better position.

She misses Jared, but now Blue has to prove she can play the game.

Blue hasn’t won a challenge and has been shielded by Jared, so her gameplay over the next few weeks could be intriguing.

Some spoilers from Big Brother 25

There is a new Head of Household following Jared’s elimination.

Cameron Hardin won the HOH Competition late Thursday night, giving him power again.

Cameron will nominate two people for eviction, and he has a guaranteed spot on the BB25 jury. The jury will vote for the Big Brother 25 winner in November.

During his pre-nomination meetings, Felicia tried to cut a deal with Cameron. She is desperate to find a stronger alliance after some time to herself.

Felicia was seen talking to herself after a new house flip. She is lost about what is happening and may be looking in the wrong direction.

The upcoming episode schedule for Big Brother 25 has shifted. CBS cleared out the Wednesday night episodes to make room for Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Here is the new BB25 episode schedule for October 2023.

And previous episodes of the show are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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