Felicia talks to herself about new house flip on Big Brother live feeds

Felicia BB25 Kitchen
Felicia Cannon continues to survive on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 25 live feeds caught an honest moment with Felicia Cannon.

Felicia has survived being on the block several times this season and still resents her primary alliance turning against her.

When Izzy Gleicher was nominated, Cirie Fields and Jared Fields pushed hard to save her.

But to save Izzy, the Fields family had to turn on Felicia.

It’s something that Felicia has not been able to get past. Understandably.

Meanwhile, Jared and Cirie were always stringing her along because they already had a final two relationship. They were never taking Felicia to the BB25 jury vote.

The house flips again; Felicia shocked

“Last week everybody wanted to get rid of Cirie. And now this week everybody [wants] to keep Cirie,” Felicia was seen saying on the Big Brother live feeds.

The cameras picked up Felicia chatting with herself while enjoying some time alone.

She references how most of the house had been targeting Cirie and that Cirie almost wound up on the block with her son.

Cameron Hardin worked hard to get Cirie and Izzy on the block together, but he settled for having Felicia with Izzy.

Fast-forward to this week, where Cirie has escaped being the target.

What has changed during Scary Week?

The Big Brother 25 cast has a new primary target. After Cory Wurtenberger won the HOH during the Double Eviction, people began to turn on him.

Elsewhere, Cirie has had heart-to-heart chats with many people. She plays up being alone in the house after losing Izzy. She has gained sympathy since they don’t know the twist about her son.

Many houseguests have stopped viewing Cirie as a threat. And Felicia can’t understand why. Check out how long Felicia sits alone to ponder it in the clip below.

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While Cirie makes herself less of a target, Jared brings drama to her world.

Jared teased Blue Kim about his mom being in the Big Brother house. Blue thought it might be Felicia, but there were clues that she figured out it was Cirie.

After Jared broke up with Blue on the live feeds, he was worried she would reveal his secret. And that led Jared to try to blame Cirie for the information getting out.

It’s similar to when Jared blamed Izzy Gleicher for revealing that secret. Izzy left Big Brother without telling people about the Fields, but Jared tried to turn his mom on her.

Much explaining has to be done when Cirie gets home and watches the footage.

Wednesday episodes have been removed from the television schedule. This makes room for new seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Here is the updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS. Yes, Sunday episodes still air late.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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