Big Brother showmance takes a break, Jared lashes out

Jared BB25 Episode 12
Jared Fields is working hard to become a Big Brother villain. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother showmance between Jared Fields and Blue Kim has hit a rough patch.

The two BB25 cast members have been together for most of the season, as live feed viewers know very well.

Even though Jared wants people to think that there is no romantic relationship.

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Maybe that’s why he calls her “bro” all the time.

After Jared was evicted, he got a chance to return to the house as a Zombie.

He lashed out at numerous people once he got back, including Blue, for not letting him know he was a target.

Jared claims he was never ‘official’ with Blue

Early Friday morning, Jared ended his relationship with Blue, noting, “It was definitely fun,” as Blue tried to figure out what was happening.

But she was keenly aware that he was trying to save face while continuously gaslighting her about the situation.

Even as he was still doing it to her, Jared broke up with Blue for keeping things from him.

Below is a video where Blue tried to get Jared to use the words.

“Good run,” Jared told Blue.

“Are you breaking up with me?” asked Blue.

“I ain’t breaking up with you. I mean, one, we was never official to be able to break up,” Jared stammered.

“There’s no reason to try to move forward,” Jared later adds.

Below is a video clip showing a portion of the conversation, but it comes with a trigger warning to any Big Brother fans tired of Jared’s antics.

Jared is pushing hard to control the narrative here so he can claim the sexual and emotional relationship he had with Blue wasn’t “official” when he exits the Big Brother house.

A reunion for Jared and Blue, for now

Big Brother fans tuning into the live feeds this weekend may never know Jared and Blue ended their relationship.

They are already a couple again, no matter what title gets placed upon them.

Meanwhile, Jared is battling with Cameron Hardin to return to the game.

Here are the Battle Back Competition results, with those spoilers coming from the live feeds.

As a reminder, Wednesday episodes are done for Big Brother 25. CBS had to clear Wednesday out for Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Here is the updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS.

In a recent interview, Red Utley called BB25 “rigged” for Cirie Fields to win. Many Big Brother fans have agreed with him.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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