Red Utley says Big Brother 25 is ‘rigged’ for Cirie Fields to win

Red BB25 Living Room
Red Utley was a member of the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Former Big Brother 25 houseguest Red Utley has spoken more about the season.

And one of Red’s opinions is that the season has been “rigged” for Cirie Fields to win.

Red was the fifth person eliminated on Big Brother 25.

It was a difficult week for him because he had been assured he was safe.

Cirie completely misled Red and then constructed his exit to hurt Cameron Hardin.

Red was understandably shocked when host Julie Chen Moonves told him that Cirie is the mother of Jared Fields.

A video starring Red Utley

Red has been doing exit interviews following his 8-2 eviction vote.

In an earlier video, Red revealed why he didn’t trust America Lopez.

He also addressed a possible friendship with Cameron outside the house.

In a snippet from a new video, Red talks about how he views the current season. And he isn’t keen on the advantages that Cirie has.

It’s a sentiment many Big Brother fans have shared this season. Entering the house with a strong alliance is always a huge advantage.

“Ultimately, it’s gonna be down to how far can Cirie make it with all the advantages that she has in this game. Cause, really, she’s a shoo-in to win,” Red says in the video below.

“Everything is rigged for Cirie to make it to the final two,” Red later adds.

Red also revealed the advantages that Cirie had when she walked in the door.

Red and Cameron for a duos season?

The combo of Red Utley and Cameron Hardin could be very competitive if the Big Brother producers put together a duos season.

Cameron just learned a secret from America, where she told him how the house was targeting Red and not Jag Bains.

Cameron wouldn’t believe America, but she hammered home that Cameron was on an island.

In the BB25 video linked here, America also tells Cameron that Jared is not on his side. Despite figuring out most of what has happened in the house, Cameron is blind to Jared’s allegiances. Or at least he was.

Want to hear more from Red? Hannah Chaddha from Big Brother 23 speaks with him in the video below.

Red will be on the Big Brother stage for finale night, where the BB25 jury will award its $750,000 prize. He doesn’t have a vote, but he will be on hand to answer questions.

And here is a link to the updated BB25 episode schedule. The return of Survivor for Fall 2023 led to some changes at CBS.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Shari Richard
Shari Richard
8 months ago

I agree with Red 100% that this game is rigged!! I also feel that Red and the other house quest that were evicted, were evicted under false pretense. No one stands a chance with Cirie and Jared (who should have been kicked out because of what he said), so I agree with Red that the game is rigged for Cirie to win. We love you Red!!

Wayne Griffin
Wayne Griffin
8 months ago
Reply to  Shari Richard

Cry 😢

8 months ago

Definitely an unfair advantage. Big Brother should be ashamed of themselves. Why didn’t just write a check to Cirrie and cancel the season. SMH.