Big Brother 25 spoilers: Shots fired with new nominees

Julie Chen BB Host Image
Julie Chen Moonves still hosts Big Brother. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

New Big Brother 25 spoilers come from the live feeds on Friday night.

The Nomination Ceremony happened on September 1, with the new Head of Household making a bold move.

It was an eventful episode on August 31, with the BB25 cast voting to evict Jag Bains.

Matt Klotz used his superpower to save Jag, thus nullifying the eviction. It was a risky move, but it turned out that Matt didn’t need the power for himself.

Everything was back to an even playing field, and Cameron Hardin was allowed to play for HOH again.

Host Julie Chen Moonves teased the HOH Challenge as that episode faded to black. It forced fans to wait to learn who would take power.

Who did the Head of Household nominate for eviction?

Jared Fields won the HOH Competition and has assumed power.

Having Jared living in the HOH Room means Blue Kim can relax for a week.

Cirie Fields tried to get Blue evicted a few days ago, but the mother of the HOH will have to table those thoughts.

Jared just hosted his Nomination Ceremony and revealed the plan he has in place.

Cameron Hardin and Red Utley were nominated for eviction. Jared plans to use Bowie Jane as a replacement if Cameron or Red wins the Power of Veto.

This is a tough break for Cameron, who lasted nearly 14 hours to become HOH during a week that just got thrown out.

More news from Big Brother

Cameron and Red will play in the Veto Competition and have a chance to gain safety from the block.

Cameron is at risk of getting evicted next — no matter who sits next to him in the nomination chairs.

A former houseguest tried to date a chess star recently. It was a member of the BB23 cast who attempted to date Andrea Botez.

And a Big Brother alum revealed their friendship with Jared Fields. They also offered some advice before Jared began playing BB25.

Producers are also working on the next season of Big Brother. Fans can apply to be part of the BB26 cast.

America Lopez has a plan if she wins HOH. It’s a plan that Cory Wurtenberger is trying to talk her out of, but something that could be exciting for fans to see happen.

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Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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