Big Brother 25 spoilers: Superpower results and eviction vote

Izzy BB25 Episode 12
Izzy Gleicher is trying to win Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

The August 31 episode of Big Brother featured an important Eviction Ceremony.

Blue Kim and Jag Bains were on the block and at risk of going home.

Cameron Hardin had been the Head of Household for the week, and he was close to succeeding in his goal to send Jag packing.

When Red Utley won the Power of Veto (he is Cameron’s partner), it allowed the nominations to stay the same.

The Big Brother live feeds were packed with chaos. It even led Felicia Cannon to try to make a side deal with Jared Fields.

And despite the HOH setting a target, the rest of the houseguests flip-flopped about going with him or making a big game move against him.

A Big Brother superpower is awarded

The four winners from America’s Vote were revealed.

The top four vote-getters competed in a secret challenge to win the BB Power of Invincibility.

Each person was told in secret, and it was up to them if they revealed that secret to anyone.

Cirie Fields, Cory Wurtenberger, Matt Klotz, and Jag Bains got to compete.

Matt had the quickest time in the challenge, earning him the superpower.

The superpower allows Matt to save one of the next two evicted houseguests. He can also save himself.

Matt shared his secret with Cirie. Due to what Matt did, Cirie said in the Diary Room she wouldn’t mind being in a final three with Matt.

Who got evicted on Big Brother 25?

Blue Kim and Jag Bains gave speeches about why they deserved to stay in the game, and 10 houseguests then placed their votes for eviction.

Red Utley voted to evict Jag, Jared Fields voted to evict Jag, Cory Wurtenberger voted to evict Jag, and America Lopez voted to evict Jag. The vote was 4-0 against Jag as Julie took the show to commercial.

The other six people (in order) voted after the commercials. Matt Klotz voted to evict Jag, Cirie Fields voted to evict Jag, Felicia Cannon voted to evict Jag, Izzy Gleicher voted to evict Jag, Mecole Hayes voted to evict Jag, and Bowie Jane voted to evict Jag.

Jag Bains was unanimously evicted from the Big Brother house (10-0).

Matt used his superpower to save Jag. Cameron and Red were not pleased.

Since there was no eviction, Cameron gets to play in the upcoming HOH Competition.

America Lopez has an HOH plan if she can gain some power.

And producers have begun work on Big Brother 26. It’s not too late for fans to apply to be on the BB26 cast.

Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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