Big Brother spoilers: Live feed chaos, Cirie vs Felicia

Cirie Fields playing Big Brother
Cirie Fields may be trying to play Big Brother too hard. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 spoilers reveal that The Professors alliance is crumbling.

Members of that alliance felt life would be better once Hisam Goueli got evicted, but that’s not what is happening on the live feeds.

A terrible performance in the latest Endurance Challenge by primary members of The Professors put them in a difficult position.

And now paranoia threatens to destroy that alliance from within.

But that’s not the only problem for that group, as the other members don’t realize it is a mom and her son feuding the worst.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Jared Fields told Blue Kim his secret. He let her know that his mom is also on the BB25 cast. It’s ammunition Blue hasn’t used well thus far.

The drama between Blue, Jared, and Cirie in the Big Brother house

After the Veto Meeting hosted by Red Utley, Cirie began pushing hard to evict Blue.

Cirie knows how Jared feels about Blue but wants to keep Jag Bains in the house.

She has intentionally thrown a wedge between herself and her son, which has led to more relationship fractures in the house.

Cirie has also tried to convince Jared to vote Blue out. That has not gone over well.

This followed Cirie berating her son in front of Izzy Goueli and Felicia Cannon after they got eliminated from the Pressure Cooker.

She was upset that Hisam had told Jared information, and he didn’t relay all of it to her immediately.

The scolding led to Jared retreating to one of the bedrooms with tears in his eyes.

Felicia wants a final two deal with Jared

Felicia approached Jared to make a final two deal with him. She did this without letting Cirie know what was going on.

When Cirie went to Jared about voting out Blue, he told his mom what had happened. Cirie didn’t believe what he was saying, but it laid the groundwork for more paranoia.

Meanwhile, Blue has been trying to get close to Felicia, who she believed to be the mom of Jared.

Summary of the live feed situation

To summarize what has been going on, Cirie wants to evict Blue, Jared wants to save Blue, and The Professors alliance is crumbling.

Felicia still doesn’t know she has been trying to work with a mom and her son, and Blue has kept the secret so far. Blue also seems to have doubts that Jared even told her the truth.

Amid all that drama, Izzy knows the secret as well, and it’s a chip that she could play if she started to feel threatened in the game.

Everything could also change based on who wins the BB Power of Invincibility.

Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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