Big Brother 25 spoilers: A new HOH after superpower reveal

Cameron BB25 Hat
Big Brother alum Cameron Hardin just appeared on Reindeer Games. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 spoilers now reveal the Week 5 Head of Household.

Soon after Jag Bains was evicted, the remaining members of the BB25 cast played for power.

Fans who tuned into the August 31 episode also saw the superpower used by Matt Klotz.

It meant Jag got to stick around, and he may be safe until at least Week 6.

The episode ended before the new HOH was crowned, so CBS viewers must wait for the September 3 episode to learn the results.

But the Big Brother live feeds have already revealed some timely details.

Who is the new Head of Household on Big Brother 25?

Jared Fields is the new Head of Household.

This is the first time that Jared has won a challenge, giving him power and safety for the week.

And since Jared is safe, it also guarantees Blue Kim a week of safety.

After targeting Blue last week, Cameron Hardin is in a difficult spot, especially since the new HOH is in a showmance with Blue.

Cameron was allowed to play for HOH again but was quickly eliminated in the challenge.

The HOH Competition was trivia-based, consisting of a knockout method that has been used before.

According to what Izzy Gleicher said on the feeds, Cameron, Red Utley, and Bowie Janes got eliminated first.

The elimination order could be a heavy hint about who the rest of the house may target for eviction.

Jared will host his Nomination Ceremony at some point on Friday, September 1.

Jared, the nominees, and three additional players will compete for the Power of Veto on Saturday, September 2.

Host Julie Chen Moonves has promised that someone is going home at the September 7 Eviction Ceremony.

More news from Big Brother

Outside the game, it was revealed that Jared is friends with a former houseguest. That Big Brother alum even gave Jared some advice before he began BB25.

The producers have also begun work on Big Brother 26. Applications are open for fans who want to compete for the $750,000 prize.

Some houseguests are still convinced that a Big Brother 25 Battle Back is coming.

Previous episodes from Big Brother 25 are available for streaming on Paramount+. The streaming service also provides access to the live feeds.

Pluto TV offers a free option for watching the live feeds this year.

And for Big Brother fans who watch the other reality competition shows on CBS, a fresh new season of Survivor debuts this fall.

Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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