Big Brother 24 spoilers: Who will become first member of BB24 jury?

Taylor BB24 Photo
Big Brother 2022 winner Taylor Hale is out having fun. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers from the live feeds provide a pretty good idea about who will become the first member of the BB24 jury.

Taylor Hale has been the Head of Household this week, and she originally indicated that her primary target for eviction was Terrance Higgins.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Taylor put Terrance and Indy Santos on the block, which ended up catching Indy a bit off-guard. But she was holding out hope that someone from her alliances would save her from the block.

An important Veto Competition took place over the weekend, with Kyle Capener winning the Power of Veto. There was some drama within The Leftovers alliance, because Taylor wanted him to use the POV, but Kyle ended up keeping the nominees the same.

Kyle was very worried about Alyssa Snider becoming the replacement nominee, and he had some good reasons to be worried. Had Alyssa gone on the block as the replacement nominee, she would likely have been voted out of the game.

The final nominees for the week are now Terrance and Indy, with one of them about to become the first member of the BB24 jury during the August 18th episode of the show.

Who is getting evicted from Big Brother 24 in Week 6?

There was a lot of chatter among members of The Leftovers about which direction to take this week, but they are all on the same page as the big Eviction Ceremony approaches.

In a very one-sided vote, Indy Santos is about to get evicted during the August 18 episode of Big Brother 24. It’s even possible that she winds up with no votes in her favor, with everyone worried about being left on an island in the voting booth.

Big Brother 24 news and notes

Big Brother fans watched on the live feeds as Alyssa said that she consummated her relationship with Kyle. She brought it up as a part of a conversation with Matt Turner, who immediately let Kyle know what she had told him.

Meanwhile, “JasMean” became a trending term for Big Brother as fans watching the live feeds got very frustrated with her. She had been begging for preferential treatment for quite some time due to her birthday.

Looking ahead, here are some spoilers about the upcoming House Split twist, which is going to really shake up everything in the game so far.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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