Big Brother 24 spoilers: Power of Veto winner, punishments, prizes, and plans

Alyssa On BB24
Alyssa Snider broke up with Kyle Capener on the Big Brother live feeds. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers about the upcoming Veto Meeting seem to have surfaced on the live feeds, even though there is still some time for plans to change.

Taking a step back from the Power of Veto spoilers, though, there were a lot of additional big moments that have gone down inside of the Big Brother house.

Following the eviction of Daniel Durston, the house had an Endurance Challenge, the new HOH hosted a Nomination Ceremony, and two people were placed on the block. Then, a new Veto Competition was played.

Taylor Hale won the HOH Competition, giving her power and safety. Taylor then nominated Terrence Higgins and Indy Santos for eviction.

The main target for Taylor has been Terrence this week, as she is ready to send him to a meeting with host Julie Chen Moonves. She also doesn’t mind if it is Indy or Alyssa Snider who gets evicted, either.

Kyle Capener won the Veto Competition, putting the power in his hands to decide what happens at the Veto Meeting. But he was also placed in a difficult position.

Will Kyle Capener use the Power of Veto?

As soon as he won the Power of Veto, Kyle could be seen on the feeds saying that he was going to break Indy’s heart by not saving her from the block. She was convinced he would save her, but it doesn’t appear to be in the cards. But could it be in the cards?

Kyle is outwardly saying that if The Leftovers really want him to use the Power of Veto that he will do it, but he doesn’t want to due to who would become the replacement nominee. Taylor would only put Alyssa up on the block as the replacement. She does not want to nominate Jasmine Davis at all this week.

Meanwhile, it has started to look like Taylor wants to push Kyle to use the POV and take down Indy so that she can indeed put Alyssa up in her place. It’s then possible that Alyssa would get voted out, so Taylor wants to chat with Kyle one-on-one and may not be honest about her intentions to him.

The Veto Meeting takes place on Monday (August 15). As of now, it doesn’t look like Kyle will use the Power of Veto, but things could get very complicated if he protects Alyssa and goes against a request from Taylor to use the POV. Stay tuned!

What were the Veto Competition prizes and punishments?

The Week 6 Veto Competition was the one where every participant leaves with a punishment or a prize. Kyle ended up with the biggest prize, as he secured the Veto Necklace and kept The Leftovers completely in control.

As for the other prizes, Jasmine won a trip to London, and Alyssa won $5,000 in the Veto Competition.

There were three punishments to go along with the three prizes. Taylor and Joseph have to be tethered together for 48 hours, Terrance has to be fake tattooed 180 times, and Indy has to wear a costume called the Punkitard for a week. Indy also has to host concerts as part of her punishment.

Big Brother fans might get to see a segment where Jasmine asks if London is in another country because that is exactly what she did in the house.

Soon, the Big Brother 24 cast will go through the House Split twist, and the game is going to completely change. That will begin during the August 18 episode, and here are the details we know about the BB24 twist.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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