Big Brother 24 spoilers: Veto Meeting details revealed

Taylor BB24 HOH
Taylor Hale became the Week 11 HOH on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

The Veto Meeting just took place in the house, leading to some intriguing Big Brother 24 spoilers on the live feeds.

It’s Week 6 for the BB24 cast, and as revealed on the Sunday night episode of the show, Taylor Hale won the Endurance Challenge to become the new Head of Household.

Taylor put Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos on the block, courting several different ideas on how the week might progress. Those ideas could lead to some interesting segments during the August 17 episode of the show.

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At the Veto Competition, the nominees were joined by Kyle Capener, Alyssa Snider, and Jasmine Davis as the three additional players. And this was the Veto Competition with prizes and punishments, which has already created drama in the house.

Kyle won the Power of Veto, securing the fact that The Leftovers would remain in power and keep control over the Veto Meeting. But the drama includes Alyssa passing up the POV to take a prize, so that’s something that could come up later.

On Monday, Kyle hosted the Veto Meeting, where he had to decide if he was going to use the POV or keep the nominations the same. Ahead of it all, Taylor was pressuring him to use the POV to shake things up.

Did Kyle use the Power of Veto on Big Brother?

At the Veto Meeting, Kyle did not use the Power of Veto. This means the nominees will remain the same, and it will be either Terrance Higgins or Indy Santos becoming the first member of the BB24 jury.

The eviction will take place during the August 18 episode, where host Julie Chen Moonves is going to let the houseguests know that the game is about to change.

More news from Big Brother 24

On the live feeds, Alyssa said that she consummated her relationship with Kyle. Her admission took place during a conversation with Matt Turner, where he asked for a lot of details about the event.

On Twitter, “JasMean” became a trending term for Big Brother as fans watching the live feeds became frustrated with the behavior of Jasmine Davis. She has been requesting a lot of special treatment during her birthday month.

Some important episodes are coming up on the Big Brother TV schedule, and that includes the revelation of a huge new twist. For fans wanting to read ahead a bit, here are some spoilers about the House Split twist.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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