Big Brother 24: Indy Santos exit interviews released

Indy Santos BB24
Indy Santos finished in 11th place during the Big Brother 2022 season. Pic credit: CBS

Indy Santos was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house and she has a lot to say about her experience on the show this summer.

It was during the August 18 episode of the show where Indy found herself on the block next to Terrance Higgins. In a very one-sided vote, Indy was sent to her meeting with Julie Chen Moonves.

Following her eviction, Indy has been doing a lot of interviews, many of which have asked her questions about Taylor Hale. It seems pretty clear that Indy doesn’t think repeatedly calling Taylor derogatory names behind her back was a big deal.

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On many different occasions, Indy was seen calling Taylor a “b*tch” on the live feeds. It was a term that Indy used to talk down about Taylor, even while Indy claims that she was “defending” Taylor all summer.

Another big takeaway from Indy’s exit interviews is that she is pretty upset with Brittany Hoopes. Viewers who have been watching the show saw Brittany and Indy speak about the upcoming Eviction Ceremony and it did not go well.

Now, Indy will be spending the rest of the season in the jury house, where she will wait until the season finale to return and vote on the Big Brother 24 winner.

Indy Santos Big Brother interview with Us Weekly

“I kind of called that. But at the same time, I thought like, ‘Oh, no chance they would make an alliance with seven people, right?’ It’s too crazy for me,” Indy told Us Weekly about The Leftovers in her exit interview with them.

“That was never a thing that I didn’t like Taylor. There was just a misconnection. Sometimes you connect with people, sometimes you don’t,” Indy said when asked about not liking Taylor.

Below is video of the full interview, where Indy also talks about who she would have targeted had she remained in the game.

Big Brother 24 Indy On Taylor Drama, Elimination, Kyle Capener, & More

Indy Santos interview with GlobalTV

“I feel most betrayed by Brittany and Kyle because both of them made me feel really bad about myself, saying things to me that weren’t true,” Indy told GlobalTV while sharing her immediate thoughts after getting evicted.

“I still hope that people find out about their alliance and they have to fall apart,” Indy foreshadowed the revelation of The Leftovers after she learned about it from Michael Bruner in his goodbye message.

More from Indy can be seen in her Big Brother 24 exit interview below.

Big Brother 24 Exit Interview: Indy Santos

An extended interview between Julie Chen Moonves and Indy Santos will also be revealed a bit later.

As for everyone still in the house, Big Brother 24 spoilers about who is in each group have been revealed on the live feeds.

For fans who want to jump ahead, here are the BB24 targets for eviction in the Split House.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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