Big Brother live feed spoilers: Who is going on the block in the Split House?

Michael As New BB24 HOH
Michael Bruner won another challenge in the Big Brother 2022 house. Pic credit: CBS

Spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds have started to reveal what is going to take place on Nomination Day for the two groups.

During the Thursday night episode, a new twist began on Big Brother 24, with the premise being that two games are going to take place at the same time.

Early Friday morning, we learned which houseguests are in each BB24 group, with five people now living inside and the other five living in the backyard.

Each group will participate in a Nomination Ceremony later on Friday (August 19), with the new HOHs revealing who is on the block. There aren’t a lot of choices within each group, but there could be some clear targets.

As a reminder, the HOH for the inside is Michael Bruner, and the HOH for the backyard is Terrance Higgins. They were the last two standing in the one-on-one challenge that took place during the August 18 episode.

A lot of chatting has already taken place about plans for the Nomination Ceremony, and it definitely looks like Terrance and Michael each have an idea about how they want their week in power to begin.

Who will Michael nominate in Big Brother’s Split House?

Michael plans to nominate Jasmine Davis and Monte Taylor for eviction. He doesn’t want to put Brittany Hoopes on the block and he says that he wants to spare Taylor Hale from going on the block again. Michael’s target is Jasmine, but he has told her that the target is Monte this week.

Dyre Fest nominees coming from Terrance

Outside, Terrance is targeting Joseph Abdin for eviction this week. He has already talked with Kyle Capener, Alyssa Snider, and Matt Turner about that plan. Turner has said what he needed to, but he definitely wants to try to keep Joseph in the game.

Terrance says he wants to “backdoor” Joseph, but that’s not the right term here, because everyone gets to play for the Power of Veto. It looks like Kyle and Alyssa will be the nominees, with Terrance hoping he can get Joseph up on the block at the Veto Meeting.

In regard to the order that people were picked to be in their respective groups, that will be shown during the Sunday night episode of the show. That August 21 episode of the show is also going to feature the Nomination Ceremony for each group.

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