Big Brother Multiverse arrives with live audience, a house split, and the first BB24 jury member

Kyle At Veto BB24
Kyle Capener made it to the final 10 on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother Multiverse arrived on Thursday night, with the producers deciding it was time to really shake things up by splitting the house into two groups. Each group will exist within its own universe, with no contact between the groups taking place.

The two-hour episode had a lot of ground to cover, though, beginning with the revelation of a lot of footage that had to do with the last Veto Competition. Viewers also got to see, finally, what happened at the Veto Meeting.

Kyle Capener did not use the Power of Veto, which meant that Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos remained on the block. Before getting to the live vote and eviction, the punishments from the Veto Competition were shown.

Terrance had to get 182 tattoos, Indy had to host rock concerts anytime she was told, and the duo of Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin had to be chained together for 48 hours.

All of the punishments were frustrating for the people taking part in them, but Indy hosting those concerts also frustrated some of the other houseguests. Having to do it while she was on the block was probably a disservice to her game.

After nearly an hour of the episode getting devoted to catching CBS viewers up to what had been taking place on the live feeds, it was time to get to the eviction vote that would determine the first member of the BB24 jury.

Who got evicted on August 18 episode of Big Brother 24?

In the first segment of voting, Monte Taylor and Joseph Abdin voted for Indy Santos to be evicted, while Michael Bruner voted for Terrance Higgins to be evicted. This was a sympathy vote by Michael, who felt bad for Indy.

When the show returned, Jasmine Davis, Alyssa Snider, Brittany Hoopes, Matt Turner, and Kyle Capener all voted to evict Indy as well.

By a vote of 7-1, Indy Santos was evicted, and she also became the first member of the BB24 jury. While the house descends into a chaotic week, Indy gets to go live in the jury house until finale night.

HOH Competition and a Split House twist

Julie let the houseguests know that the final 10 people would be split into two groups. One group is called Big BroChella and the other group is Dyre Fest. The groups of five people each will be playing their own games, and they will play it out for a full week.

In the backyard, a head-to-head Head of Household Competition was set up to decide who would be in charge of each group. The people playing Big BroChella get to live inside for the week, while the people playing Dyre Fest will be living in the backyard.

Terrance beat Brittany in the first round, then Jasmine beat Joseph, Turner beat Monte, Terrance beat Alyssa, Michael beat Kyle, Terrance beat Jasmine, and then Michael beat Turner. The final pairing was Michael vs. Terrance.

Michael Bruner won the challenge and becomes the Big BroChella (inside) HOH, and because he was runner-up, Terrance Higgins is the Dyre Fest (outside) HOH for the next week.

Julie then explained that the eight remaining houseguests would be drafted into their respective houses by Michael and Terrance. The draft is taking place later in the evening, so CBS viewers won’t find out the results until the Sunday night episode (August 21).

Those particular Big Brother 24 spoilers should be revealed on the live feeds later on Thursday night.

Outside of the house, Daniel Durston returned to social media and apologized. He also says that he looks forward to meeting with Taylor once the Big Brother 2022 season comes to a close.

And inside of the house, Michael Bruner revealed the boot order he would prefer this season. It is something that he has thought about a lot, but it could get interrupted by the new big twist.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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Keep Monte and Joseph on separate HOH groups/ teams