Big Brother 23 house tour finally released, teases live feeds music

BB23 Sharks Kitchen
The Shark Kitchen now located in the Big Brother house is sure interesting to look at. Pic credit: Scott Storey/CBS

The Big Brother 23 house tour was just released and it gives an extensive look at what changes were made during a massive remodel. And the house looks really good for the beach theme that is prevalent for the summer 2021 season.

We don’t get a tour host this time around, as Julie Chen Moonves is not featured in the video. Typically, she leads viewers through the house with an explanation of the themes and motifs.

The BB Beach Club definitely looks fun and it will serve as an interesting backdrop for the BB23 cast this summer. There are sharks, reefs, and sea glass on full display.

The full Big Brother 23 cast has already been revealed, but there have been some recent changes. One of the original cast members just tested positive for COVID, so they ended up getting replaced before the season premiere.

Everyone will enter the house for the first time during a live move-in during the July 7 premiere. They will then begin participating in a series of challenges and an intense first Head of Household Competition.

A look inside the BB23 house

Below is the full Big Brother 23 house tour video that CBS and the show just released. It’s nearly three minutes in length and it definitely shows off all the new design features. That includes the Poker Chip Parlor which now serves as an upstairs lounge. This could be a perfect place for people to have secret conversations.

Anyone who has ever turned on the Big Brother live feeds during a competition has heard the music that is used on this particular Big Brother house tour. It plays in the background as we get to see all of the areas of the house.

Big Brother 2021 summer season

There are 16 new people waiting to play the game this season and they will be introduced by Julie during Episode 1. After the July 7 episode, though, the Big Brother TV schedule takes a short break before returning. There is no Thursday night episode during the debut week, and that may be disappointing to anyone who hasn’t seen the schedule yet.

In regard to the first episode, there is a new challenge to award safety that will debut. It is called the Big Brother Wildcard Competition, and it sounds like this is something that could be used more than once as a twist during the summer. It could also yield a number of game-altering punishments.

The debate has already begun among fans about who they want to win this season of the show. Former Big Brother houseguest Janelle Pierzina also revealed who she wants to win the first HOH.

It’s going to be a fun season packed with twists, turns, challenges, and new people for the Big Brother audience to enjoy. It all gets started at 8/7c on July 7 with a 90-minute episode. Make sure you tune in on time because you aren’t going to want to miss a minute of the action.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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