Big Brother: Christie Valdiserri speaks about removal from BB23 cast due to positive COVID-19 test

Christie Big Brother
Christie Valdiserri was supposed to be a member of the Big Brother 23 cast this summer Pic credit: CBS

Christie Valdiserri had to be removed from the Big Brother 23 cast this weekend due to a positive COVID-19 test. It was a shocking revelation that has been confirmed by CBS and it led to the producers replacing her with Claire Rehfuss.

“Hey guys. So I don’t want to be sharing this news, but I tested postive for COVID and I have no idea how I got it.” Christie says in a new video that has been released by the show.

“I have the vaccine and I’ve been following all the guidelines up until this point. I have absolutely no symptoms. I feel perfectly fine, so I’m really grateful for that. But it’s really frustrating because I won’t be playing in Big Brother this summer,” Christie continued as she began to be a bit emotional due to the disappointing news that she had received.

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We are disappointed for her as well.

“I just have to say that when you’re faced with adversity, just telling myself it’s for a bigger reason and I want to believe that. I don’t know the reason yet. I’ve had a roller coaster of emotions the last 48 hours and as I’ve been reading through all the comments online, whether they’re good or bad, I just have to say, I put myself out there and shared this vulnerability of being bald and all the comments, good or bad, are affecting everybody else that also is bald, and experiences this vulnerability,” Christie went on to say in the video that is shared below.

Christie Valdiserri from the BB23 cast

A professional dancer from Philadelphia who is now living in California, Christie had described herself as determined, energetic, and passionate in her bio for the show. She was very excited to challenge herself and the early promotional videoa made her seem like someone who could be a force to be reckoned with inside of the Big Brother house.

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to get to see her compete due to the positive COVID-19 test, which ended up forcing the producers to make another last-minute change to the BB23 cast before the season premiere arrives.

“So spread love. And whether you’re just finding out about Alopecia or you know what Alopecia is, you know that we’re unstoppable. And I’m going to bounce back in one way or another,” Christie concluded her video to the fans.

The show must go on – Big Brother premiere approaches

The season premiere for Big Brother arrives on Wednesday, July 7, so newcomer Claire Rehfuss is going to have to quickly prepare mentally for the challenge in front of her. She had been quarantined and sequestered as a possible replacement on the BB23 cast, so she has cleared all the hurdles necessary to play the game this summer.

One of the biggest challenges coming up will be the competition for the first Head of Household on BB23. There are a lot of steps that the cast will have to go through for someone to win that power and it will also reveal to the at-home audience that there is a team component to the first part of the season.

You won’t want to miss a moment of the Big Brother 23 season premiere, as before it comes to an end, a surprise offer is going to be extended to someone that the producers are calling a “double or nothing” option in the game.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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