Big Brother 23: Britini D’Angelo, Frenchie want to compete on The Amazing Race and Survivor

Brit And Frenchie BB23 Post
Britini D’Angelo and Brandon ‘Frenchie’ French are still friends after being on BB23 cast together. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 alums Britini D’Angelo and Brandon “Frenchie” French took part in an Instagram Live session where they talked with each other and many fans of the show.

The duo became fast friends in the Big Brother house as part of the same team to start out the Summer 2021 season and they now profess to talking at least every other day since leaving the game.

On Friday night, Britini hosted an Instagram Live where she and Frenchie answered a lot of questions from Big Brother fans, touching on topics like their friendship and other reality shows that they would be interested in doing.

It was a fun session that included letting fans appear on the screen to meet the two BB23 cast members. One Big Brother fan was even celebrating his 21st birthday.

Britini and Frenchie want to appear on The Amazing Race and Survivor

Several of the questions that were posed to Britini and Frenchie from the Big Brother fans referenced the other shows they would like to appear on, in the future.

Britini and Frenchie each said that they want to be on Survivor and they noted how impressed they were with Xander’s move on the latest episode. They each also showed interest in going on The Amazing Race with their families and competing on The Challenge for MTV.

When it comes to competitors on The Amazing Race, quite a few people have gone from playing Big Brother to taking part in The Amazing Race. In fact, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from BB19 won The Amazing Race before they got married and had two kids.

Brit And Frenchie BB23
Britini and Frenchie from BB23 cast did a live chat with fans. Pic credit: @britini_dangelo/Instagram

And regarding appearing on The Challenge, it is also something that a lot of former Big Brother houseguests have taken part in, including Paulie Calafiore from BB17 and Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez.

The Big Brother 23 cast is very close after season ended

Another interesting topic that Britini and Frenchie touched upon was how close the members of the Big Brother 23 cast have become since their season ended. The duo noted that many of them became friends in the house and that the relationships have only been fostered further in the real world.

They talked about a planned trip to Philadelphia soon for Derek Frazier’s 30th birthday. The guest list already includes Christian Birkenberger, Alyssa Lopez, Tiffany Mitchell, Sarah Beth Steagall, Kyland Young, Hannah Chaddha, Brent Champagne, Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather, players from The Challenge, and even Big Brother Canada players.

They weren’t sure if Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss were going yet, but the new Big Brother 23 couple was invited. In fact, they noted that everyone from the BB23 cast had been invited and they just didn’t know if everyone was going to make it yet.

Quite a few BB23 cast members also vacationed together for Halloween. They traveled down to Florida and hung out, with five of the ladies even dressing as the Spice Girls. Frenchie noted that he would have loved to go, but he was spending Halloween with his kids.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS in Winter 2022.

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