Big Brother 23 cast members go as the Spice Girls for Halloween

BB23 Derek Frazier
Big Brother 23 cast members clearly love dressing up in costumes. Pic credit: CBS

Many Big Brother 23 cast members have been down in Florida celebrating Halloween 2021 together.

Before the weekend vacation got started, Britini D’Angelo posted a video with many of them arriving together.

Through the weekend, the group of at least 12 former BB23 cast members has been posting content online about their reunion.

Now, a great photo where five of the ladies dressed up as the five members of the Spice Girls has been shared by Britini.

They aren’t the only ones either, as quite a few other Big Brother Halloween costumes can be seen here.

Big Brother 23 ladies dress up as the Spice Girls

“If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever, ’cause friendship never ends. ?SPICE GIRLS?,” reads the caption that Britini wrote with the photo.

In it, we can see Britini as Sporty Spice, Claire Rehfuss as Ginger Spice, Sarah Beth Steagall as Baby Spice, Hannah Chaddha as Posh Spice, and Azah Awasum as Scary Spice.

All five ladies seem like they are really enjoying all of the time that they are getting to spend with the group down in Florida.

More Halloween posts from Big Brother 23 cast members

The group costumes aren’t the only ones that members of the Big Brother 23 cast have been wearing for Halloween 2021. Below are some more social media posts that have been shared by the houseguests recently.

Here is Sarah Beth Steagall dressed up as a cow with someone else who went as Brandon “Frenchie” French this Halloween.

SB also dressed up in a costume from Squid Game earlier in the week.

And here are a few pictures of Tiffany Mitchell dressed up in her new costume.

Derek Frazier and his friend dressed up as Doug and Skeeter from the cartoon, Doug.

Big Brother 23 couple Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss also dressed up in a number of different costumes this year. Below is a video that Derek recently shared on his Instagram account showing off the new couple.

He captioned the video by writing, “Fallen angel trying to tempt a child of god.”

Alyssa Lopez and Hannah Chaddha also dressed up in some fun costumes together. Below is a post that includes a series of photos that they took together to ring in Halloween 2021.

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