Big Brother 20’s Rockstar reveals why she’s excited about BB24 in video

Angela From BB20
Angela Rockstar played on Big Brother 2018 as part of the BB20 cast. Pic credit: @angelamfnrockstar/Instagram

Big Brother 24 begins very soon, and the show asked fans what they were most looking forward to seeing this summer. It led to a lot of fan responses, but also a video from Angela Rockstar, who played on Big Brother 20.

Angela “Rockstar” Lantry was a part of the BB20 cast that played the game in Summer 2018. This was the season that Kaycee Clark won and in which Tyler Crispen finished in second place.

Unfortunately for Angela, she ended up on the wrong side of the house, and she finished the season in 10th place. As a member of the BB20 jury, Angela voted for Kaycee to win the $500,000 over Tyler.

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As we get closer to the Big Brother 24 season premiere on July 6, Angela has been posting a lot about the show on social media, and that now includes giving a video response about what she is most looking forward to seeing.

Angela posts about Big Brother 24

In the video shared below, Angela speaks about looking forward to seeing what Julie Chen Moonves is wearing each week, the Big Brother live feeds and the whole new cast.

The producers recently confirmed that the BB24 cast will be entirely new people, giving the show some more new blood for Big Brother fans to cheer on all summer long.

More news from the Big Brother 20 cast

In some other news from that Big Brother 2018 season, Bayleigh Dayton revealed she was pregnant in topless photos. She and her husband Chris “Swaggy C” Williams expect the baby to arrive this summer.

The BB20 couple also shared a gender reveal video from their new house. It was a big ordeal with a lot of people in attendance, and it also showcased the new home they moved into after Bayleigh and Swaggy C left the country.

It’s going to be another exciting summer season of Big Brother, with the new cast getting to start the game on July 6. Since all of the houseguests are new to the game, Big Brother fans are really looking forward to learning who is playing this time.

Recently, some rumors about the BB24 cast list release date came out, giving us all hope that we are very close to meeting everyone.

Until July 6 arrives, fans can go back and stream episodes of Big Brother 20 by using Paramount+. It’s a fun way to revisit Angela Rockstar, Kaycee Clark, Bayleigh Dayton, Tyler Crispen, and Swaggy C all competing for that $500,000 prize.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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