Big Brother 2020: Evel Dick Donato says Derrick Levasseur ruined BB22

Big Brother 22 cast in the Living Room. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 news now reveals that Evel Dick Donato is blaming Derrick Levasseur for possibly ruining All-Stars 2 with pre-gaming. He is not alone, as a lot of fans are expressing disdain on social media.

Before the show even got started, there were rumors of a group chat among some BB22 cast members. This seemed to indicate that some people invited to play All-Stars were setting up plans before they were sequestered.

Derrick Levasseur later said he was not in a group chat with Nicole Franzel, but there were a lot of rumors on social media that continued to link him to other houseguests.

Then, Josh Martinez, who was removed from the BB22 cast for a positive COVID-19 test, started naming names when he got back on social media.

He said that he pre-gamed with Christmas Abbott, Tyler Crispen, and Da’Vonne Rogers. It also seems likely that Kaycee Clark was in that group.

Former houseguests displeased with BB22 pre-gaming

Paul Abrahamian, who was on the BB18 and BB19 casts, was one of many former houseguests who took to social media to express their disdain for what they were reading about the BB22 cast.

Paul went as far as correlating these pre-gaming plans with cheating to gain an advantage over other members of the BB22 cast.

Now, Evel Dick Donato, who has been speaking for a while about how frustrated he is by the pre-gaming, has taken the gloves off when addressing Derrick Levasseur on social media.

Below is a response that Evel Dick wrote on a video that was shared by the Big Brother Twitter account. That video was from the first episode of BB Rewind, which is a new spin-off show stemming from Big Brother 22.

Check out what he had to say and be aware that some colorful language is coming:

Could pre-gaming by BB22 cast ruin the show?

There are some unseen alliances within the Big Brother house right now that may only be revealed by how the BB22 cast members vote. An Eviction Ceremony is coming up very soon, and that could be a significant hint.

Just watching on the live feeds, it may seem surprising that some people appear to be working together without actually speaking much to each other. That could be a hint that a pre-game alliance took place.

Could another hint stem from a rumor that Keesha Smith didn’t even try in the Veto Competition?

If every member of the BB22 cast had the chance to put together a pre-game alliance, could it simply be that they are all on an even playing field? Or do you feel that it is/was underhanded to form alliances before the season started?

Big Brother returns August 9 at 10/9c and August 12 at 8/7c on CBS.

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