Big Brother pre-game alliances surfacing? BB22 getting dragged by former players

Did Tyler Crispen set up a pre-season BB22 alliance? Pic credit: CBS

Some Big Brother pre-game alliances may be surfacing inside of the house, and former players are noticing.

Before the season even started, rumors of a group chat were all over social media. It suggested that some of the BB22 cast members were strategizing and forming alliances before the show even got started.

Some of the relationships inside of the house, and former players commenting on social media, points to pre-gaming by certain members of the BB22 cast.

Former houseguests getting frustrated with BB22 cast

We are barely four days into the summer 2020 season of Big Brother, and social media is getting lit up by former houseguests weighing in on what is taking place. One even admitted to taking part in pre-gaming.

Below are two posts from Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick Donato where he postulates about pre-game alliances.

Evil Dick Pregame
Evel Dick comments on BB22. Pic credit: @EvelDick/Twitter
ED on BS
Evel Dick on Bomb Squad talk. Pic credit: @EvelDick/Twitter

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 also took the time to address some of the pre-gaming rumors, referring back to when she came on the show during the same season that Nicole Franzel and James Huling returned.

Tiffany BB18
Tiffany Rousso was on BB18. Pic credit: @TiffanyAlexis04/Twitter

Josh Martinez admits to a pre-game alliance

Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez has also jumped into the online chatter, admitting that he was chatting with other members of the BB22 cast to pre-game for the season.

This is important because he was almost a part of the BB22 cast, but a positive COVID-19 test forced production to opt him out of the summer. Now, he has revealed some names that he claims may have been aligned with him this summer.

Below is a post he just put up on Twitter, presumably after he started reading all of the online chatter and had seen some of the discussions taking place on the Big Brother live feeds.

The BB22 cast members are also revealing some secrets, giving Twitter users a lot to talk about over the weekend.

Josh BB19 Again
Josh Martinez was almost on BB22. Pic credit: @JOSHMBB19/Twitter

Fans getting frustrated by pre-game rumors?

A lot of Big Brother fans are taking to social media to post their thoughts on these possible pre-season alliances that are now showing up. Many of them are not pleased.

BB Fans
BB fans weighing in. Pic credit: @leebee4life/Twitter

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how Big Brother edits episodes concerning the people who had preexisting relationships or those rumored to have chatted before the season about aligning.

Will the first person evicted from the BB22 cast have some secrets to tell? Or will they have been completely blindsided by the chatter?

Were the Week 1 nominations from Cody Calafiore impacted by a pre-season alliance?

Big Brother returns August 9 at 10/9c CBS.

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