Big Brother live feed spoilers: Vets spilling secrets about past houseguests

Da'Vonne On BB22
The BB22 cast gossips a lot. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother live feed spoilers continue to come out as the All-Stars cast starts to get more comfortable.

Not everyone is comfortable, though, as two people are on the block after Cody Calafiore revealed his nominations.

But it may be even more interesting to the live feed subscribers that the returning houseguests continue to drop information and reveal secrets about the past.

Big Brother live feed spoilers: Spilling the tea

Janelle Pierzina told Kaysar Ridha and Cody that during Big Brother 14, Mike “Boogie” Malin snuck a cell phone into the pre-season sequester.

In that season, Janelle, Mike, Britney Haynes, and Dan Gheesling returned as coaches. They had a draft of players, and before that happened, Mike said that he used his cell phone to read the online bios of the new houseguests — at least that’s how Janelle tells it.

It’s an interesting wrinkle to the history of Mike Boogie on the show, and with his colored past, it seems very believable. Whether it’s true or not, maybe Mike will address that on social media at some point.

Cody pushes Derrick Levasseur under the bus

Cody had a long chat with Kaysar about gameplay, and Derrick became a hot topic of the conversation. Derrick and Cody were on the BB16 cast, and Derrick easily won the $500,000 at the jury vote.

Since BB16 took place, Derrick has been considered one of the best people to play the game. Recently, Derrick stated that his daughter was the reason he isn’t competing this season.

Now, Cody is saying that Derrick isn’t playing because he didn’t want players to target him early in the season. Both reasons could be correct, but Cody may have also spoken with Derrick about distancing himself.

Cody and Derrick are friends outside of Big Brother, so it’s not a stretch to think that Derrick told him to say anything he wanted to get further in the game. Cody may also be just winging it.

Nicole Franzel and Dani Donato ghosted Nicole Anthony

It seems like Nicole Franzel and Daniele Donato have formed an alliance inside the BB22 house, and they bonded over having ghosted Nicole Anthony outside of the game.

Dani brought up that she was asked by Nicole A. to go on her podcast and that she had “ghosted” Nicole A. Nicole F. then exclaimed that she had done the same thing and never even opened a DM from Nicole A.

It will be interesting to see if any of these gems and many of the other conversations about past seasons make it to one of the future Big Brother episodes on CBS.

Big Brother returns August 9 at 10/9c on CBS.

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