Below Deck Season 9: Has the Bravo yachting show been renewed?

Is Below Deck returning for Season 9?
Below Deck Season 8 just ended leaving fans wanting information on Season 9. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 9 is on fans’ brains now that Season 8 has come to a shocking close.

Captain Lee Rosbach and the My Seanna crew gathered for their final chat on the Below Deck Season 8 reunion. The cast dished the good, the bad, and the ugly of the season.

Even though Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 hits airwaves on Monday, March 1, die-hard fans of Below Deck are already missing the show. Viewers hate to say goodbye to the stud of the sea.

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Did Bravo renew Below Deck for Season 9?

Bravo has not renewed Below Deck for Season 9, but fans don’t need to worry the hit yachting show has been canceled.

Below Deck has become ratings gold for the network. Plus, Captain Lee is the face of the entire franchise, and fans adore him. Unless, for some reason, the captain chooses not to return, which is unlikely, Season 9 of Below Deck is all but guaranteed.

It’s not unusual for Bravo to not officially renew a show. Season 8 was never confirmed until reports production was shut down early due to the coronavirus pandemic emerged.

Thanks to a casting call for yachties that recently went out, fans can rest easy knowing Below Deck Season 9 is coming.

When will Season 9 air on Bravo?

The wait for another season featuring the stud of the season will be a long one. Typically Below Deck films in February. However, the ongoing health crisis may have delayed production.

Bravo’s format for the yachting franchise the past year was Below Deck, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Mediterranean, and repeat. If the network follows the same schedule, Below Deck will air in late 2021, probably around November.

Who will return for Below Deck Season 9?

As mentioned above, Captain Lee will likely return. Although fans desperately want Kate Chastain to come back, she probably won’t.

Kate recently left Bravo’s Chat Room, which has the rumor mill buzzing about her next move. Many fans think she has been tapped for a new Below Deck spin-off focusing on yachting in a cold climate.

Eddie Lucas earned a promotion at the end of Season 8. So, he may join Captain Lee for another season in a new role.

Even Josiah Carter spilled he was slated to replace Elizabeth Frankini in Season 8, and fans are convinced he will return next season. The stew didn’t get a chance to even step onto the My Seanna because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ashling Lorger, chef Rachel Hargrove, and Izzy Wouters have expressed interest in another season with Captain Lee. They could all appear in Season 9.

Although Bravo doesn’t generally have more than one or two crew members return in a season.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 premieres on Monday, March 1, on Bravo.

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