Below Deck: Josiah Carter was headed to replace Elizabeth Frankini when Season 8 ended

Below Deck alum Josiah Carter was set to return after Elizabeth Frankini was fired.
Josiah had his bags packed to go help Captain Lee when Season 8 of Below Deck was cut short. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum, Josiah Carter was headed to replace Elizabeth Frankini when Season 8 abruptly ended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Josiah shared his story on Below Deck Galley Talk and in a series of tweets. Thanks to a phone call from Captain Lee Rosbach, Josiah was all set to make his triumphant return to Below Deck. Then, the world shutdown.

How close was Josiah to joining the My Seanna crew?

On Below Deck Galley Talk Josiah let his costar, Julia d’Albert Pusey, in on a little secret. After chief stew Francesca Rubi finally got to fire Elizabeth, Captain Lee recruited Josiah as her replacement.

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The journey ended up being a lot different than Josiah expected, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Below Deck fans watched Season 8 come to a halt after Captain Lee informed the crew the last two charters canceled.

What viewers didn’t see was Josiah sitting in an airport, ready to board a flight, when he got another phone call from the stud of the sea.

“I was in the airport, phone in hand, passport, ready to go on my flight literally. Flight boarding in half an hour’s time,” Josiah recalled. “Captain Lee calls, and he basically gave me the speech he told them. And I was like, ‘Alright, okay.”

The stew was last seen in Season 6. It was his only time on the show. However, fans have eagerly been awaiting his return, so the news Josiah was going to replace Elizabeth is bittersweet.

Is Josiah still open to a Below Deck return?

Below Deck Season 8 didn’t go as planned for Josiah’s big return to the hit Bravo show. The good news is that Josiah has his eye on appearing in a future season.

“I don’t see myself going back full-time, traveling all the time because you can’t necessarily have a relationship. It’s quite hard to have a normal life. But I’ll go back and do a season here or season there for sure,” he shared with Entertainment Tonight in a joint interview with Kate Chastain.

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Although Josiah would love to work with Captain Lee again, he’s also open to a stint on Below Deck Mediterranean with Captain Sandy Yawn.

Josiah Carter admitting he’s ready to get back to Below Deck has fans hoping he will return in Season 9.

Some fans are crossing their fingers Josiah will be the chief stew next season. Francesca didn’t make the best impression on some viewers, thanks to her feud with Elizabeth.

Captain Lee Rosbach and the My Seanna crew will dish the coronavirus’ impact at the Below Deck Season 8 reunion show. Hopefully, the captain can shed more light on how he chose Josiah to replace Elizabeth.

Below Deck Season 8 reunion airs Monday, February 22 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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