Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Barnaby Birkbeck gushes over costars Ashley Marti and Kelsie Gioglia

Barnaby from Below Deck Sailing Yacht shows love for Kelsie and Ashley.
Barnaby enjoyed his time and colleagues aboard Parsifal III. Pic credit: Bravo and @ashley.marti97/Instagram

Below Deck Sailing Yacht newie Barnaby Birkbeck gushes over co-stars Ashley Marti and Kelsie Goglia as Season 3 begins to wind down.

Barnaby came in mid-season to replace deckhand, Tom Pearson. It was a tense time for the Parsifal III crew, who had just lost stew Gabriela Barragan had just left ahead of Barnaby’s arrival. Dr. Kim Nichols’ group were the first charter guests Barnaby endured on the show.

Despite all the craziness and drama going down on-screen, Barnaby built some lasting friendships, and he’s showing two of those pals with love.

Barnaby shares behind the scenes photos and fun with Ashley Marti

The friendship between Ashley and Barnaby is the real deal, and he used social media to open up about it. Barnaby’s IG post included several photos of the two of them having the time of their lives filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

“Throughout their season, Ashley (2nd stew), would exclaim, “Barrrnnnnabbyyyyyyy, we neeeed more selfies!!!” However, it was quite simple, they had enough selfies to last a lifetime. Here’s a selection: Love ya Asho – the life and soul of every day and night on Parsifal, we had a bloody good laugh!” he wrote alongside the stunning pictures.

Ashley showed up in the comments section of the message to reciprocate her love for her pal Barnaby.

“Awww love ya, we have many more selfies to take,” she replied.

Ashley responds to Barnaby's IG post.
Pic credit: @barnabybelowdeck/Instagram

The answer is no for those wondering if something happened between Barnaby and Ashley. Barnaby admitted on Pita Party with Daisy Kelliher and Alli Dore that he was not single when filming the show, nor is he today.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Barnaby gushes over co-star Kelsie Goglia

Another post was dedicated to the girl Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers would like to get to know better, Kelsie. The deckhand has been a background fixture for most of the season, with only occasional one-liners that have fans laughing out loud.

Barnaby gave a shout-out to Kelsie for helping him learn the ropes aboard the luxury sailing yacht, which included a couple of photos of them together and one with Gary King.

“This is Randy Jackson – she showed me the ropes ? (quite literally) and taught me how to get that bloody big boat shiny enough for Gary and Glenn to be able to see their reflections in it. (Mainly so Gary could check on his dashing good looks as he walked past the windows). Couldn’t have done it without you K Dog!!!” Barnaby shared.

Kelsie and Barnaby had a fun exchange in the comment section after she responded her favorite picture was the last one.

Kelsie has exchange with Barnaby post.
Pic credit: @barnabybelowdeck/Instagram

There was no boatmance for Barnaby Birkbeck on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3, but he did meet some forever friends. Kelsie Goglia and Ashley Marti are two of those pals.

Hopefully, more on these three friendships will emerge at the Season 3 reunion show.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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